Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe – perfect for a Halloween party

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Do you love Halloween? How about Pulled Pork? We love them both and so we took our favourite pulled pork tacos and gave them a Halloween twist. Not only does it make it fun for the kids but it creates a delicious and tasty, balanced family meal for us too. We definitely will be eating this before trick or treating with our friends.

Some slow cooked pork on a blue chopping board before it is shredded

Pulled pork is so versatile to eat, your options truly are endless. We have it on baked potatoes, nachos, sandwiches, wraps, tacos, and on salads too. It makes it a great choice for family dinners midweek when I am super busy and we want to whip up something that is still good for us too.

I always cook my pulled pork shoulders in my Cook4me which is like a digital pressure cooker. You can cook it on the grill, in the oven and a pressure cooker too. It really is easy to make. You don’t have to worry if your not a good cook either. You can’t go wrong with pork. 

Shredded pulled pork in a while dish. Behind is a plate of tortillas and some slaw

We love BBQ sauce on ours — who doesn’t? Or cook it in garlic and herbs for a different flavour. I sometimes serve ours with refried beans for a Mexican flair to our wraps. But this time… it was all about making it fun and healthier for Halloween. The kids have enough sweets right? Start with our Pulled Pork Taco recipe for a spookily good Halloween celebration.

How To Make Food Fun For Halloween

It’s always fun to give your food a theme around the holidays, but you don’t have to do anything crazy. Choose Halloween coloured foods, like orange, green or purple, and see if you can arrange them in a fun way. The orange pepper rings with an olive in the middle look a bit like an eye ball. See what you can come up with – and get the kids involved too.

Check out my tips for preparing for the ultimate fun Halloween for the whole family

A top down view of some pulled pork, tortillas, red cabbage slaw, sliced peppers and olives
A table set for Halloween with a decorative tablecloth and plates with the ingredients for pulled pork tacos
Halloween Pulled Pork Tacos Recipe
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Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled Pork Tacos that are perfect for a Halloween party or for any time of the year

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  • 2 Tsp Chilli puree
  • 2 Tsp Garlic puree
  • 1 Small Onion Diced
  • 800 G Pulled Pork Shredded
  • 250 Ml BBQ sauce Divided
  • 200 G Red cabbage Diced
  • 2 Tbsp Mustard
  • 3 Tbsp Mayonnaise
  • 10 Mini Flour or Corn Tortillas
  • 125 G Orange Peppers Sliced
  • 100 G Black Olives Drained and Washed
  • 125 Ml Brown Sauce to Drizzle on Top Optional


  1. Rub the chilli & garlic puree, salt & pepper, and onions on the pork shoulder and top with half of the bbq sauce before cooking. Cook pork shoulder according to package. Save half the bbq sauce for after cooking too. We cook our pork in a Cook4forMe for 45 minutes on pork setting.

    In a small bowl mix the thinly sliced purple cabbage with the mayonnaise and mustard and set aside. When pork is cooked, shred using two forks to easily pull it apart and add the second half of the bbq sauce. Cut olives in half and orange peppers in slices. 

    To prepare your taco, layer your purple cabbage slaw on your tortilla first, top with your bbq pulled pork, add your orange peppers and black olives. We like to drizzle Irish YR sauce on our Halloween Pulled Pork Tacos for an extra zingy taste. 

A mom setting down a platter or pork tacos at a table decorated for Halloween. The kids are wearing witches hats and the table has skeletons and pumpkins at it.
A top down view of some pulled pork tacos, garnised with orange peppers and olives

We have a lot of family and friends over for trick or treating so this recipe is going to be great for it. Pulled pork is easy tom are for big groups. And wrapped up in a taco, makes it finger food and easy for everyone to grab when they are hungry. Making pulled pork for big groups affordable and keeping party cost down. This one is perfect before or after trick or treating on Halloween too!

How To Save Money On Pulled Pork

Batch cook your pulled pork shoulder, that way you only have to cook once and can reduce your energy bills. You also don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make a good pork recipe. There are thousands of quick and easy ways to keep recreating new recipes with leftovers when you batch cook pork. We do this a lot.

By cooking a huge amount and shredded it, I can keep half for whatever recipe I want to make that evening, like these pulled pork tacos, and then either put the rest in the fridge to make a completely different recipe the next day or I freeze it and take it when I want to make something different. I almost always have pulled pork in stock in our kitchen.

A girl in a witches hat biting into a taco
A little boy in an orange and black Halloween hat smiling and holding a taco
A boy smoking and eating pulled pork at a table decorated for Halloween

How do you eat your pulled pork? Do you have a unique technique, share with us on social media just tag @letstalkmommy on instagram, twitter, and/or facebook. We would love to hear from you.

We absolutely love making memories and dining experiences together as a family, especially around special occasions and holidays. Halloween is one of our favourites because we not only get to dress up but we always give our meals a good Halloween twist like these Pulled Pork Tacos this year.

What would you top on your Pulled Pork Tacos for a Halloween twist?

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