Preparing For The Ultimate Fun Halloween

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:21 pm

I love making the holidays fun for my kids and Halloween is no exception. It is so much more than just one night of dressing up, the whole of October can be filled with spooky movies and Halloween themed snacks and activities like visiting the pumpkin patch and carving your pumpkins.

Over the years we have had loads of fun preparing for Halloween and so below I’ve got all my best tips and ideas to make your next Halloween the best one yet.

How To Have A Stress Free Halloween

We often find the holiday season is stressful as we try to have the ultimate Halloween every year. In reailty though, our kids don’t always care about doing everything – they just want to spend time together. Halloween doesn’t have to be lavish or expensive, you can make memories at home as a family. Here are my top tips for a stress free Halloween.

  1. Spread Out The Fun – You don’t need to cram all your Halloween plans into one day or one weekend. Spread out the fun throughout October and don’t put too much pressure of the day of Halloween itself.
  2. Choose Free Activities – Halloween shouldn’t be expensive. You can watch a spooky movie at home with some homemade snacks, take a twilight walk to see the Halloween decorations or carve a pumpkin from the supermarket. They don’t need a new costume every year either, check what they have that fits already instead.
  3. Go With The Flow – While you might have preconceived ideas about how things should go, it doesn’t matter if the kids think differently. If they don’t want to help bake the Halloween brownies or lose interest half way through carving the pumpkin then that’s fine. As long as they’re having fun that’s all that matters.
  4. Plan Ahead – Knowing a rough idea of what you want to do in advance can help things run smoothly. Plan your Halloween snacks and makes sure you purchase anything you will need in advance. That way you’ll be all ready to go when the time comes.

Halloween Snack Ideas

So much of Halloween is focussed on the candy, but there are lots of other fun Halloween snacks that you can make and enjoy too. They don’t have to just been for at a Halloween party, try these recipes through the whole of October to make the holiday last that bit longer. Many of these Halloween snack ideas make great gifts too – just wrap them in cellophane and gift them to your neighbours and friends to get them in the holiday spirit.

Black, white and yellow coconut snowballs on a white tray and a cooling rack

Halloween Snowballs

A fun Halloween recipe for kids. Simple coconut snowballs in Halloween colours for a sweet treat at your Halloween party. Chill for an hour then eat! Read more.

A tray of brownies topped with candy corn. A small dish of candy corn is next to it and 3 orange forks

Easy Candy Corn Halloween Brownies

Gooey chocolate brownies, topped with candy corn and gold sprinkles. Sweet and chewy for the perfect Halloween snack combination. Read more.

Pork tacos stacked on a plate. The tavle has a Halloween tablecloth and has plates with the taco filling items in them

Halloween Pulled Pork Tacos

A fun finger food dinner to have before Trick Or Treating, or to serve at your Halloween party. Kids and adults will love making their own tacos. Read More.

A child's hand reaching into a bowl of snack mix, including popcorn, oreos and smarties

Easy Halloween Snack Mix

A quick and easy snack mix for when you want to settle down and watch a Halloween movie. Grab a handful and enjoy a tasty mix. Read more.

A bowl of pumpkin hummus on a plate with crudities and surrounded by mini pumpkins

Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Use up your leftover pumpkin and make one of these delicious pumpkin recipes. Great for Halloween parties or just enjoying through the fall. Read more.

Halloween Cocktail Ideas

No Halloween party would be completed without a fun Halloween cocktail for the adults. This simple cocktail ideas will add a bit of flare to your party but don’t require lots of ingredients or time to make.

A red cocktail in a champagne glass. A bowl of raspberries is next to it alone with a bottle of champagne and some flowers

Vampire Fizz

A simple Halloween cocktail in blood red. Your friends will love this tasty champagne cocktail at your Halloween party, made with just 3 ingredients. Read More.

A bottle of pumpkin spice chocolate cream liqueur and 2 pumpkin spice martinis with cinnamon sticks balanced on them

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Martini

A Chocolate Cream Pumpkin Spice liqueur is the perfect ingredient for a Halloween cocktail. This party cocktail looks impressive but it so quick to make. Read more.

Pumpkin Carving Designs

Pumpkin carving doesn’t just have to be for the kids. Join in the fun with these pumpkin carving ideas. Make their favourite tv characters, add spooky lighting and impress the neighbours with these pumpkins on your doorstep.

3 Pumpkins carved for Halloween as Marshall from Paw Patrol, Gengar from Pokemon and Chase from Paw Patrol

Pokemon And Paw Patrol Pumpkins

My kids loved these cute pumpkin designs. Paw Patrol and Pokemon are always a hit and these designs came out so well. They looked great lit up on the porch. Read More.

A pumpkin with a skull carved on it sat on a Halloween table. A black sign reading Trick Or Treat is hanging above, while plastic pumpkins and a skull mask are nearby

Giving Pumpkins The Best Spooky Glow

Candles aren’t the safest options and a torch can be a bit boring, so I’ve found the best way to get a spooky glow in your pumpkin for Halloween. Read more.

Olaf Pumpkins & Doc McStuffins Pumpkins

How To Carve Olaf And Doc McStuffins Pumpkins

A simple how-to for carving your kids favourite cartoon characters. How to get perfect lines when carving a pumpkin into fun shapes. Read more.

3 carved and lit pumpkins against a brick wall in the dark. The first has a Minion carved on it, the middle one has the head of Sofia the 1st and the last pumpkin has Lightening McQueen from cars.

Minion, Sofia The First And Lightening McQueen Pumpkins

Learn the best method for getting intricate designs carved onto a pumpkin so you can make your own cartoon pumpkins this Halloween. Read More.

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas

There is nothing cuter than siblings in matching costumes. These are some of the cute matching Halloween costumes we’ve used in the past for our trick or treating adventures.

A little boy and girl dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey And Minnie Mouse

Matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes for kids are just the cutest, and this Halloween was no exception. A fun matching costume set for trick or treating. Read more.

A girl dressed in a pink batgirl costume and a boy in a batman costume

Batman And Batgirl

Get the superhero costumes out and save the world! They look so cute in matching costumes and they will love being their favourite superheroes. Read More.

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