Simple Halloween Snowballs Recipe

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A cooling rack with different coloured coconut Halloween snowballs on it

Snowballs may remind you of Christmas and I love the peppermint ones I make every year but these were so fun to make for Halloween with my littlest girl today. Why not enjoy delicious snowballs for Halloween too? I love the sweet taste of powdered sugar/icing sugar with the grated coconut flakes. MM loves rolling them in the sprinkles and making various color combinations too.

Baking With Coconut

I have been so in love with grated coconut since I was a little girl. I remember grabbing handful out of the bowl and running out the kitchen with my mother calling after me. It’s sweet taste and fluffy texture is delicious. My littlest is just like her momma. Today, she was stuffing it in her face and I had to laugh at the memories it brought back.

I have been baking with coconut lately and even topping my yogurt snacks with it. I go through phases where I cook everything with coconut oil, I use coconut butter lotions and eat grated coconut with everything. Call me the coconut girl, I clearly can’t get enough of it.

Is Coconut Good For You?

Obviously anything that is mixed with condensed milk and powdered sugar isn’t going to be healthy, but there are some benefits to coconut over other flavourings. Coconut is high in fat and calories, but low in carbohydrate and protein. The fat in coconut is medium-chain triglycerides are they are used by your body to give you energy, and there is also studies in to whether they help you to feel fuller for longer. Coconut also has a high fibre content which is great for bowel health.

Some orange and white snowballs on a cooling rack. Yellow sprinkles and coconut shavings surround them.
Some orange and white snowballs on a cooling rack. Yellow sprinkles and coconut shavings surround them.
A cooling rack with different coloured coconut Halloween snowballs on it

Halloween Snowballs

a sweet and creamy Halloween snowball treat
Servings 40
Author Let’s Talk Mommy


  • 2 cups powdered sugar sifted
  • 4 cups grated or desiccated coconut keep some on the side for rolling
  • 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • black and orange food coloring
  • halloween colored sprinkles


  1. Combine powdered sugar/icing sugar with condensed milk and coconut
  2. Split mixture evenly into three bowls
  3. Use food coloring to color one black and the other orange leave one white
  4. Using a teaspoon make roughly 40 balls with all three colors and roll in extra coconut or sprinkles for the look you desire
  5. Put on a cookie sheet and place in fridge for 1 hour to firm
  6. Store in a sealed jar or tupperware container

Recipe Notes

Add a ribbon to the jar lid to create a present for friends and family.

Serving Your Halloween Snowballs

If you’re having a Halloween party then the easiest option is to just place them on a plate along side your other Halloween snacks, like candy corn brownies or a spooky Halloween trail mix, and let people help themselves. Make sure you get your hands on some before they all go though!

They would also make a great gift for someone over the holiday season. If you are invited to a Halloween party then you could take some in a jar and add a ribbon to make a cute gift for the host.

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Halloween Doesn’t Just Have To Be One Night

These were a huge hit with friends we had over. It tied in our great Halloween tablescape that I haven’t had a moment to even share with you. The kids have loved having the dining room all decorated for the month of October. It really has felt like Halloween all month long. We are off to Spain tomorrow to see friends and going to a Halloween Costume party there too. I can’t wait to see how the Spanish celebrate this fun holiday too.

Different coloured coconut Halloween snowballs, surrounded by coconut shavings and yellow and purple sprinkles
White coconut snowballs rolled in purple sprinkles

Why not whip up a batch of this coconut snowballs recipe with the kids this weekend and celebrate Halloween with a sweet treat. They are super easy to make, you just whip three ingredients together and roll. They are ready to go! It’s a great thing to do with the little ones as they love rolling things in sprinkles. Don’t have time to make them now, why not pin this for later? I would love to know if you try out my recipe and what you think? You can tag me on instagram, twitter, facebook or pinterest or find me @letstalkmommy on all social media channels. 

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    • I know sadly I got sick before we went to Spain and didn’t get my halloween tablescape post up. Not sure if I put it up now it would be any relevance. I must save it for next year sadly. 🙁

    • I ate so much so do let me know if you make them and like them or not. You can use any sprinkles or food coloring to make them look how you want. The white ones are just as good.


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