Halloween Vampire Fizz Champagne Cocktail

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A bottle of Rich Veuve Clicquot  next to a bowl of raspberries and a bottle of forest fruit coulis, surrounded by orange flowers

Halloween is not just for kids, it’s for adults to dress up, making scary food, and silly cocktails and celebrate too! I have always been a huge fan of Halloween even if I am the worst person when it comes to haunted houses and scary costumes. Forget putting me near anything that resembles a clown. I hate them! But there is so much else that Halloween brings. We go to pumpkin patches to pick our own pumpkins. We do corn mazes and scavenger hunts. I love going with the kids to pick out their costumes and taking them trick or treating. Let’s not forget decorating the house in fun spiders, ghosts and pumpkins too. 

Check out these tips for having the ultimate fun Halloween this year

Celebrating Halloween with a Halloween Vampire Fizz Champagne Cocktail:

As the kids get older, we start to make it about the adults too. This year we are having some friends over after we take all our kids trick or treating. I have a whole buffet of fun food to serve up and some juicy cocktails in the making like this Vampire’s Fizz Champagne Cocktail. Who doesn’t like a little bubbly?

Champagne isn’t just for weddings and date nights, you can turn Halloween into something really special by popping a cork and inviting friends over. Serve up some pumpkin brownies and Halloween snowballs and you’ve got yourself a party!

A vampire fizz cocktail being made using Rich Veuve Clicquot
2 Halloween cocktails in champagne glasses, next to a champagne cork and some red and orange flowers
A champagne cork next to a bowl of raspberries

Vampire Fizz Cocktail

a bubbly and fruit twist for halloween


  • Tesco Finest Forest Fruit Coulis
  • Rich Veuve Cliquot Champagne
  • Raspberries



  1. Double shot of forest fruit coulis
  2. Fill remaining glass with champagne
  3. Pop a raspberry on top or in it to float
  4. Stir ingredients together well
2 Champagne flutes filled with a red cocktail, standing next to a bottle of champagne and a bowl of raspberries
A top down view of a red cocktail, with orange and red flowers surrounding it.
2 Champagne flutes filled with a red cocktail, standing next to a bottle of champagne and a bowl of raspberries
2 Champagne flutes filled with a red cocktail, standing next to a bottle of champagne and a bowl of raspberries

Halloween Vampire Fizz Luxury Champagne Cocktail

If you a fruit cocktail kind of person than you will love this combination. Use any coulis you want if forest fruit isn’t hitting your taste buds. But I personally think it’s a delightful concoction as the tangy forest berries really add to the sweet fizzy taste of the champagne. Plus it gives that deep red colour which is perfect for Halloween. I find Rich Veuve Clicquot is a lot sweeter, more like a dessert wine than the original Veuve Clicquot. 

Don’t Like Champagne?

If you like something a little less bubbly and a little more creamy don’t forget to check out my Chocolate Pumpkin Spice martinis too! They are definitely one to have after dinner for dessert style drinks. 

Don’t forget to pin me to your Halloween or cocktail boards for later.Ā 

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A bottle of Rich Veuve Clicquot lying next to 2 champagne flutes and some red and orange flowers


93 thoughts on “Halloween Vampire Fizz Champagne Cocktail”

    • Oh thank you hunny the shiny silver label wasn’t the easiest to not get my head reflection in or something from the rest of the room in it. Glad you like the sound of it. You can use any coulis it’s delicious.

  1. Rich is my ABSOLUTE favourite champagne and I’m so irritated that you can’t get it more places. It’s divine and nothing comes close to how delicious it is. I’ve had it with a slice of yellow pepper before but not a fruity twist – can’t wait to try this!! Perfect way to celebrate Halloween in a sophisticated non-scary way – I can’t do the horror either! Total wuss over her

    • Oh me too, hate the horror of it there is plenty ways to celebrate it without all that. My kids are the same as me can’t take the masks and scary bits either. We keep it fun and friendly and a little sophistication in the process for us adults too.

  2. My favourite cocktail has no name that I know of but it’s
    Amaretto with fresh pressed apple juice, lots of crushed ice, a sprig of mint and a wedge of lime.
    Absolutely delicious.ā¤

    • Yes it into it, it’s more than just scary stuff for us. We love decorating the house, having friends over making inspired treats and food for it, getting dressed up trick or treating, carving pumpkins, pumpkin patches, corn mazes you name it.


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