Drawing to toy, a dream horse is born

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:42 am

horse insurance with petplan equine dream horse to toy

As a child have you ever wished for a unicorn? Or a horse with wings that could fly you around like Princess Sofia? This week, the kids had a fun opportunity to draw their dream horse together. While I was sat waiting for it to have three heads or far too many wings, I was surprised they kept it quite simple. B was the creator and MM was on color duty, together they came up with a dream horse called Rosie aka unicorn because MM insists it had a horn. Being the doting big brother B is, he obeyed and added a horn. It was a lovely, quiet crafty afternoon coloring along side them. Normally, they have their own drawings or color books to do separately but it was great to see them create something together. 

The big kicker was that they knew whatever they were drawing would be made into a real life toy. That is enough bribery for any child to work together to make the most beautiful dream horse. My daughter is obsessed with stuff animals so this really played on her heart strings. She coached her brother every step of the way from each strand of mane color right down to the flower detail on the back of the horse. 

horse insurance with petplan equine dream horse to toy

I always think it’s great to get the kid’s imaginations going and their creativity flowing. We love a crafty afternoon when the rain is coming down too hard to play out in our wellies. I made them some of their favorite little nibbles as they worked away on their dream horse. They chatted back and forth on what they would call it and made up a cute little story about Rosie the horse.

Come time for it’s arrival the kids were jumping up and down, desperate to see their creation come to life in a toy. From paper to toy is pure magic in a child’s eye, I could see it in their faces when I let them tear open the box. MM squealed and B jumped up and down, far too excited. 

horse insurance with petplan equine dream horse to toy

The kids have always had a thing for horses as my family are big into horses in America. My Aunt and Uncle breed them and my sister-in-law and niece train them, show them at rodeos around the country. To say we are a horse loving family is an understatement. My kids are desperate to have one of their own someday. This is why I love working with companies that know how to care for them properly like horse insurance from Petplan Equine. I always tell my kids if we own a pet we have to care for it properly and know what it needs to live a happy and healthy life. It’s not just about playing with them. I grew up with all kinds of animals at my parents and I think it’s great for children to learn that there is more to having a pet than just the fun parts. Caring for a pet is a big responsibility. 

B and MM right away pretended they were showing Rosie at a rodeo like my niece would do. MM was the rider waving princess-like at the crowd while B was the judge. It was time for Rosie to have a run in the fields before MM had her jumping fences and B had her chasing bulls in the pasture. 

There is something so innocent about children in role play. I could watch and listen to them playing for hours. The silly conversations and voices they use are hilarious. This project was great because not only did it give us something unique as Rosie from paper to toy but it also gave me the opportunity to teach my children about pet care and what goes with having a pet themselves before we make the decision to have one no matter how big or small that pet may be. 

horse insurance with petplan equine dream horse to toy

* This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine , but all thoughts are my own.

5 thoughts on “Drawing to toy, a dream horse is born”

  1. That’s so cute! What a fabulous idea – my girls would love to have their drawings brought to life. When we got our first cat I delayed getting him insured because I didn’t have the time to look around for quotes. Huge mistake as he had something wrong with his legs that meant he needed lots of operations not long after we got him and it cost me thousands because he wasn’t insured. Worth it of course, to make sure he wasn’t in pain, but if I’d gotten the insurance sorted quicker I could have claimed it all back. Lesson learned – with our new kittens I’ve insured them straight away.

  2. Elodie keeps saying she would like a horse, but we just got a puppy instead we always insure our pets, thank god because they’ve needed some expensive treatment in the past xx


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