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New Year's resolutions 2016 my to do list for 2016 I have contemplated writing a new year’s resolution post this year. One that we all sit down to write out and/or look back at last year’s to see if we have accomplished any of it.  This poem I wrote last year sums up how my new year’s resolution lists usually go, each year, unfinished. I set too high of goals or too many at one time and half way through the year I complain I don’t have enough time to finish any of them. So I am trying something new this year, “to do lists” in fact.

I have always worked really well with “to do lists”. I put them in four categories of my “to do’s” today, my “to do’s” within 48 hours, my “to do’s” within a week, and those due within a month. I work my way through each list crossing things off and adding things to each but they all have a deadline. I am great at meeting deadlines even if they are made by myself. So I was thinking I should give myself a master list, a “to do list for 2016” just for fun and see if I work better this way than calling it my new year’s resolutions. Sometimes it’s just a subconscious thing in our minds that we play tricks on ourself when we hear the word “resolutions”. It’s like setting yourself up for failure before you have begun.


  1. Simplify my home – this includes complete overhaul organization on every corner of my home, loft and garage included. All the clutter, unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, unused items have got to go to charity or on ebay. (work has already started the loft and garage are cleared out, next up closets and cupboards).
  2. Simplify my work – this includes changing a few things on my blog (new branding and logo and topic narrowing already commenced), being more selective about what I write about, no more filler posts, organizing time for food styling and working more freelance jobs. I have planners, and lists to keep me on target and stop me from wasting time on things that aren’t helping my business grow.
  3. Simplify myself – Relax more, sleep more, be kinder to myself, stop comparing with others, shout less, be calmer inside and out. This year is about making life easier not harder for myself. Stress is awful on a body. Eating healthier and exercise more is included too but nothing that’s going to again stress me out. I want to save more and spend less, last year it got out of hand and I want to save money to see more of the world and family and friends.
  4. Simplify my life – this goes without saying I like to jam as much as possible into every single day which gets exhausting. I am looking for a slower pace of life and enjoying all the little moments in life that I let pass me by because I’m always in a rush. Nothing gets full attention when you are in a rush.

Do you see a pattern, SIMPLIFY! This is the word that is helping me focus, this year. Every time I write my schedule out for the week in my four categories above, I shout this in my head over and over. It’s really working. I have felt so calm coming into the new year with my first two weeks off of blogging in two years. I know, crazy. It has recharged my batteries and made me refocus. I feel better for it already.

I do try to motivate myself all year to be the best and do my best and it shouldn’t really take celebrating a new year to get me to do these things. I am hoping my continuous “to do lists” throughout the year ,on a weekly basis, will keep me focused on what’s really important, family, friends, and living life less rushed and less stressed. I am going to print out my master “to do list” of 2016 and hang it above my desk as a reminder. SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY! I use this quick print out each week to keep me organized.

Printable To DO List in priority category boxes

What are your thoughts on new year’s resolutions? Do you agree with them? Do you make them each year and follow through? Please do let me know in the comments below I would love to know!

Happy New Year Everyone! May your year be filled with merry and bright adventures and all that you want to achieve is achieved.

*In collaboration with TSB and for “New Year’s Money Resolutions” check out their guide here. 

18 thoughts on “To Do List for 2016”

  1. This is a great idea, Jenny. I love my planner, it’s a great way of keeping on top of my to do list. I try really hard to focus only on the tasks that are on my list and not get distracted by other stuff – I just get stressed out from being all over the place! I’ve done a good declutter recently too, it felt liberating. Good luck with your simpler living xx

    • Thanks Hun. I couldn’t love without a few planners in my life for sure. I am enjoying my simplify life for sure so far. Just need to make sure I stick with it to fully enjoy this year.

    • Thanks. So far I have been doing really good by clearing out garage, loft and now onto cupboards and closets. Everything goes that is not used or unwanted pronto. I always feel less stressed when the house is complete organized.

  2. Love this – I had a sort of a similar resolution, in terms that I have chosen one goal for myself for 2016. Space. Physical and mental space, clearing my schedule and clearing my clutter. I think simplifying is great – we tend to nowadays live in an opulent world with so many things to occupy us, it is wise to step back and try to enjoy little things in life.

  3. I have done similar to you, I have things I want to do, rather than resolutions. Essentially they come down to the same thing but I absolutely believe that just changing the wording can change your frame of mind. Good luck with yours. I am looking to grow my blog and get freelancing jobs so I’m going the other way but hope to still find that balance. I would absolutely LOVE to showcase recipes on my blog, I have several written up in drafts but my food photography is just dire! x

    • Have you checked out my 5 top tips to food styling. I am no pro but will be sharing more of what I do to better my food styling and photos soon too. It just takes a little time and tweaking. My problem is I can’t cook pretty things I am just better the styling hahaha

    • Last year I just said yes to way too many things and felt like I was constantly rushing around just to get things ticked off a list. No way to live in the moment that way is it.

    • Oh yes it really does. I finished decluttering the entire house yesterday and now it’s great to start putting business and personal plans in motion for the year.

  4. I’ve just done exactly the same and have ‘simple’ goals for the year on my blog. I seem to collect loads of stuff for car boots and eBay over the year so my loft space is always full of stuff… would be nice to declutter though!

    • Oh yes that’s what I ahve been working on for the better part of two whole weeks every day ebay and selling on facebook and taking things to charity shop, friends house and the tip. I have about ten more big furniture pieces to sell and than I have about four tip runs and I think the house is finished.

  5. This is a great post Jenny and I love your to do lists. This is a great idea as I always look at my list on my phone before bedtime and get disheartened when I have only crossed off a few. I have not made any resolutions either and just made lists of things we want to do in the house – holidays – days out etc xx

    • That’s good I like to call them to do lists instead of new year’s resolutions. Oh yes the square priority list always helps me as I look at it at the end of the day and feel like oh I still have this and this to do but I got all the top priorities done so I feel good about it again.


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