Halloween Edition: Me & Mine {October}

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me & mine october family portrait project

October has been a very busy month for us. 

We have been enjoying autumn to it’s fullest and taking Halloween on full force this year too. At the beginning of the month we made the most of the beautiful leaves falling and weekend park hopping. We have been pulling our wellies on more than usual and getting outdoors to explore together as a family. The kids are getting that little bit older where we can do these kind of things and everyone really enjoys it. We are completely spoiled with so many amazing parks right at our door step. 

When the weather didn’t permit us outdoors,  we took ourselves off to the soft play center to play around while it thrashed it down outside. The kids now run wild solo without having to have us by their side 24/7 just enough for us to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee together.  

Me & Mine {October}

Buba is loving his halloween costume this month. From the moment we bought it he has wanted to wear it the entire month to celebrate. He truly is part american! He also has been loving his new phonics apps on Daddy’s iPad. He continues to amaze us with how fast he picks things up.

Missy Moo is loving her dollies and stroller and forever chasing her big brother with it. She is also loving her new fisher price chair and constantly turns the music on to dance around the living room. It’s so cute. The girl has rhythm unlike her brother or father. 

Mr P is loving the goodies I have been making this month. Roasted pumpkin seeds, chicken & cheese croissant, bacon twists and more. When autumn comes around I am always in the kitchen whipping up something hearty. 

I am loving everything about October and what it brings as a family. The weather turns cooler and the leaves turn colors. I love getting wrapped up in my scarves and wellies, going for autumn walks and baking all the hearty, comfort foods in the kitchen. 

With it being the last day of October I thought we would give you a Me & Mine “Halloween Edition”. We have carved amazing Olaf & Doc McStuffins pumpkins this year together as a family. Last year the kids were way too young to even ask really what they wanted on their pumpkins. Buba definitely enjoyed scraping all the seeds out for Mommy. It felt great finally having them old enough to get involved more. Next year will be even better!

It was the first time we have taken our kids trick or treating. It was a novelty to get them all dressed up and grab their halloween buckets. We took them door to door, to the neighbors we know around us, and it was so much fun. It reminded me so much of my own childhood and the amazing Halloweens we used to have. Buba was so great too when it was time to hand over the candy and trade it for a pressie instead he had no trouble. Missy Moo didn’t quite understand as much as her brother. I fear this will only get worse as they get older. 

As you can see we have been crafty, we have been cooking, we have been trick or treating this month. October was busy but it only is gearing us up for Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December!!!! 

me & mine october family portrait project me & mine october family portrait project

Happy Halloween Everyone!  

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22 thoughts on “Halloween Edition: Me & Mine {October}”

    • Come over, I will whip you up anything you want darling!!! lol Thanks it truly has been so busy. I fear thanksgiving and Christmas will just make it that much more busier too and the end of the year will be here before we know it.

  1. Great busy seasonal month Jenny! The baby years have their unforgettably cute moments but I love them getting older as they are just able to get involved in more and more fun stuff as you say! I love the idea of swapping the candy out for a present after trick or treating – genius! My one worry about it would be the massive sugar rush before bedtime!! We didn’t get around to going out this year as our friends were starting just a little too late in the evening, but we went to a ‘Light Party’ instead which is the Christian way of celebrating a pagan festival I guess – there was messy play, lots of cakes and even party bags at the end! The kids just look too cute in their outfits – especially loving Missy Moo’s matching hair band – that colour is one of my all time faves 🙂 X

    • Thanks Sam. It was so much fun. Oh yes presents for candy every year. My kids have allergies so can’t have candy but never want them to miss out so we do present swap instead. I can’t wait till they are older and we get to do more things with them. Love it.

  2. well that is a fabulous costume, I can understand why he doesn’t want to take it off! My sister in law sent my girls costumes and i don’t think they’ve spent a day without wearing them ever since! I love the picture of you all headed to the park too, it’s just a really sweet special everyday moment!

    • Thanks Carie. I have been trying to capture a photo of us at the begining and end of each month doing various things. but slacking. The park one though is one of my favorite candid photos. Love it. Busy months ahead too. I am looking so much forward to christmas.

  3. Ahh – sounds like you really have been embracing all that Autumn brings. I adore the shot of the four of you on your way to the playground – it’s so cute. x

    • Thank you Kelly. It was such a fun day out at the park. We are spoiled for choice. It’s one of my favorites too. If only someone could follow us around with a camera all the time. lol Wouldn’ that be nice.

    • Thanks you sweets. Oh yes she always has a matching headband. It’s a must. hahaha She has worn them that much in her life it seems weird when she doesn’t have one on. Hope yall had a fantastic time.

  4. Oh wow Jenny you guys all look so cute!! We’ve dressed up for Halloween before but it was our first trip out – we usually stay in to give out sweets. The boy could not believe his luck! x


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