Here’s Why You Need to Book Centre Parcs for Your Next Break

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:19 pm

If you’ve been going back and forth over where you should take your family on holiday this summer, consider Centre Parcs. It’s the most ideal destination across the UK for a staycation because you don’t have to go too far away from your local town to be able to have a fantastic time. 

If you’re choosing to drive, you can pack up the kids and the car and make sure you bring everything with you to have an enjoyable time away without having to spend the earth. The question is which Centre Parcs is the best?

You can escape to the forest anywhere in the UK, but before you decide on which destination to go to, here’s why it’s the perfect spot for your next family holiday this year.

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Hundreds of acres of forest

If you are living and working in or near a city, often you can become very bored of the sight of buildings and cars all the time. Sure, you’ll see cars when you go to Centre Parcs, but it’s very different to see them ploughing down the motorway on the way to work compared to parked up in a Centre Parcs location where you can’t hear the roar rush of traffic. Centre Parcs villages have up to 400 acres of woodland attached, which means that there is plenty of room for you to go out exploring, on foot or on bikes. There are lakes, beaches and picturesque views just to spend time together as a family.

The food is incredible

There is a variety of restaurants to choose from when you choose a Centre Parcs booking. You can pre book and dining, or you can eat out picnic style. Your lodge is designed for you to enjoy, so you can either enjoy restaurant delivery or you can order directly from the village and cook for yourself. Some people love to utilise the barbeque facilities at Centre Parcs, too and really enjoyed that holiday feeling.


You might not think so, but the shops on site on a Centre Parcs holiday are just as exciting as anywhere else. There are treats, ice creams and sweets and chocolate for the kids to enjoy as well as magazines and those essentials that you might have forgotten to bring with you. If you’re bringing the car though, just head to your local town and enjoy the shopping facilities there as well. There is always something nearby.

You have the option to try something brand new

Whether you want to go up into the trees and enjoy an aerial adventure or you decide to create your own pottery and paint it afterwards, you and your family have the opportunity to experience an amazing range of activities at Centre Parcs. The lodge that you sleep in is your very own slice of peace and harmony in the forest, so no matter where you are you can have somewhere to unwind in comfort at the end of a very long day. The best part? You could book a lodge with a hot tub!

Now what do you think? Will Centre Parcs be your next destination?


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