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Glass Vase Ideas:Home Styling decor Glass vases flower vasesRectangle Vase

Number Glass Vase

Opaque White Glass Vase

Trio of Colour Vases

One of my favorite things to do when I am decorating the house is to add little corners of blooms around it all year long. Whether its summer or winter there really is room to add the freshness of flowers to your home. I have long been obsessed with glass vases for this very reason. Almost anything becomes a home for my latest market flowers. Above are just a few of my favorite glass vases. Perfect to add that Autumn touch to your home, adding yellow, red, and orange flowers to them. The opaque white glass vases are high on my Christmas wish-list this season and any type of flower would suit them. They are the perfect size too for those living room shelves! I love them with or without flowers in them.

Mini Glass Vase Ideas: 

Home Styling decor Glass vases flower vases

Mini Hanging Vases

Mini Set of Three Colour Vases

Mini Wall Glass Vases

Mini Greywood Bloom Table Vases

Glass vases are not only for the shelf they are perfect for sprucing up the walls and your dining room table for visitors too. I have fallen in love with these mini glass vase ideas above. I pretty much love anything miniature, there is something so cute about things that are shrunk down. If you are wanting to bring a little of the outdoor in the wall these hangings are great for that or the miniature colored glass vases to bring color into a room.

The beauty of glass vases large or small is that they don’t have to necessarily contain flowers they are home accessory pieces on their own. If I had more room, I would put more shelving up in my home just to display various shapes, sizes, and colors of vases. They really are a staple piece for home decor, I think.

Do you have a favorite home decor staple? I would love to hear what it is, comment below…

(photos compliments of notonthehighstreet)

30 thoughts on “Home Styling with Glass Vases”

  1. The white opaque vases are so pretty! We need a big makeover at home and i just want white all over the place …at the moment 😀

  2. Loving the cute little vases, great ideas.

    We don’t have any flowers in the house because the cats would eat them, I have that annoying habit of buying nice cushions everywhere I go and not enough places scatter them all at once. Xx

  3. Love the purple roses! I’m going to be buying some mason jars here soon and painting them for my little table out front. Thanks for the ideas on the antique like vases. I have some up in the attic that I’d like to get down. Xoxo

  4. I love these! Especially the numbered milk bottles. I’m a huge flower fan and our house is always home to a bouquet or two but I always put then in one big vase. Having seen this maybe I need to start splitting them up and displaying them differently!

    • Oh yes do. You will love playing around with smaller versions all ober the house. These are all great prices too. So its nice to change it up without breaking the bank. Thanks hunny for stopping by and commenting.

    • Thanks hun. Ya I think some people are either traditional or vintage but I do love a good mix of the two in the house. My favorite thing to have is flowers everywhere.

  5. So many gorgeous vases, I love them all. I love Not on The High Street, they have so many unusual & quirky items. I definitely want some vases for when I finish (start!) re-decorating my study xxx

    • That is one amazing place to work. I am ever so jealous! If you ever need a blogger to work for you hahaha I am all up for it. hahaha Thank you for your lovely comment. The hanging vases I thought were so unique too.

    • Oh yes you could. Grab some and add a personal pretty touch to your home. I am still waiting until my tots get a little older before I hang ones I have and buy some more. lol

    • Thank you Jen. I wish I could fill them on a weekly basis. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Maybe I should try out the lottery…it could happen. hahaha Be so beautiful!


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