Love the little things #43

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:15 am

Friday, how did you happen? Where did Wednesday, Thursday go? I wish I could say it was because I got to sleep through those two days or was off having the time of my life and they blurred into one. Truth be told I don’t know where any of the days go lately. The end of 2014 is just going way too fast for my liking. The kids are growing up too fast, and things leading up to Buba starting school are going even faster. Eeek!

Enough about all that let’s look back at this week and see what’s made the days go so fast. Linking up with the beautiful Butwhymummywhy for your #littleloves linky and her gang of trusty supporters.  Come join us to love the little things!


I am still going strong on reading a book a week. I just pick this one up for this week’s read and can’t wait to start it. I always like to read the book before I watch the movie.

Last week’s good read was Oprah’s What I Know For Sure  packed full of great advice and eye opening stories of her colorful life.

If I Stay Good Reads Great Book


Olly Murs – Right Place Right Time


Grey’s Anatomy started Wednesday, hurray and Scandal is heating up while we get further into Forever as well. That goodness for recorded tv though as I have really been trying to work on my vlogging and watching more YouTube to see how I can get better and more captivating. I just did this video on my first book as many readers didn’t realize the book on my sidebar is actually in fact my first baby! Check it out below. Let me know what you think of my vlogging? Any subject you would like to see there. I love a good request, comment below.


I am loving this week’s #capturingcolour hashtag on Instagram. Yellow is my all time favorite and so in true support I had to showcase my favorite yellow dress from a little boutique in America.

Work clothes Yellow Dress Michael Kors Handbag


We have been very busy this week making things and getting creative. We carved Olaf & Doc McStuffin Pumpkins that turned out to be a huge hit with the kids and the neighbors!

Olaf Pumpkins & Doc McStuffins Pumpkins How to carve a pumpkin

I also have made the kids these scrumptious Chicken & Cheese Croissants. They are so easy to make and when you are in a rush and want to get protein and vegetables in your little ones it’s the perfect solution. Why not pin this below to save the recipe for another day! I finally am on Pinterest and getting organized!Chicken & Cheese Croissants Recipe

And lastly…

If you are a frequent visitor here you will know I have had a tough few weeks with the vomit bug, then back to back flu/colds, the kids being sick and then being the victim of bank and paypal hacking. My luck the last two weeks have been less than great. But the only thing I am so grateful for is good friends being there when I need them most, even if it’s just a coffee, catch up it really does help. I was so excited to get the chance to catch up with my good friend Morgana who really cheered me up, and got my head back on positive mode. She is so positive, and upbeat with her beautiful smiles it is hard to stay gloomy after a visit with her.

“Good friends are hard to find,

when you find one hold them close,

treat them how you want to be treated and they will last forever”

Good Friends Butwhymummywhy

38 thoughts on “Love the little things #43”

  1. Scandal was SO GOOD last night, You have to tell me when you’ve seen it! Not a dull moment at all.
    Loved having coffee with you this week, especially when it turned out we nearly spent the whole day in Starbucks together, haha. I think we could have talked for days.
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

    • Definitely. You really got me out of my bad funk too I needed a whole “Morgana” day! lol Scandal was BRILLIANT! I can’t stop buzzing from it. Best show ever!

  2. Gosh Jenny I honestly don’t know where you find the time! I never watch TV shows so I never know what my friends are talking about! I love the pumpkins 🙂 I wonder if I can find a decent template for Manchester United …

    • Oh you could easily do MU I promise. Google images has everything. Sometimes Karen I look at my littleloves post and think how did I accomplish all that too. I need more sleep! lol

  3. I love that outfit 🙂 The pop of colour is great to brighten up these grey days! I really need to catch up on Greys Anatomy.
    I really wish I had the time to read a book a week!
    Have a great weekend x

    • I was the same, I hadn’t read since MM was born but I just make myself have 20-30 minutes a night before bed. Its great to get back into it. Greys is amazing not sure how it will be without Christina though.

  4. Those pumpkins are amazing, although Eli saw me reading the post and has now insisted I make one for him…not sure I’ll have your skill with them! Sounds like you’ve had a great week and loved hearing the inspiration for your book. 🙂 #sharefriday

  5. I love that outfit, you look classy and comfy – not an easy combo! Glad to hear your friends cheered you up, I really felt for you last week! Onwards and upwards! #littleloves

  6. A gorgeous photo of you and Morgana Jenny, you beautiful pair, you have such a lovely friendship, I am jealous. And I know the feeling the sick/cold bugs just aren’t shifting around here either. That yellow dress is gorgeous and you look stunning in that photo. I must get round to reading your book one day, off to watch the video. x

  7. You look so lovely in yellow! Gorgeous Jenny! And the pumpkins!!! My goodness, is there anything you CAN’T do?? Have a lovely weekend my chick xxx

    • Thanks so sweet of you hunny. Yes there is lots i cant do and its very frustrating. I coukd be here all day wishing and hoping i was better or could do more.

  8. Oh no, just realised I completely forgot to print out my Pumpkin carving templates before leaving work today. I’ll have to send hubby out next week to get some printer ink so I can do it from here.
    Anyway, great little loves. The yellow dress looks fab on you. And those croissants look lovely, I’ll have to give them a try next week whilst I’m off. Have a lovely week xxx

    • Do they are perfecr if you want hearty without slave driven over the stove. Lol or if you are a good drawer draw one on a piece of paper for you to use. Hahaha

  9. Looking fab hon! I’m sorry to hear about the illnesses and the hacking – that’s one of my worst nightmares I think. I hope you’ve got it sorted. Different to see you choose Ollie Murrs this week as your ‘heard’! I like a bit of Ollie 🙂 X

  10. Beautiful yellow dress! Glad you are feeling better Jenny and back out and about. Must be so nice to have a blogging buddy near by. I’m really intrigued to read your book lovely. I must put it on my Xmas list x Oh and PS on the vlogging front I’d love to see a room tour 🙂 x

    • Yes as soon as I get the living room finished I will be vlogging and blogging it. But also trying to video the other rooms I have already done and adding them to their post! Lots more vlogging to come. Thanks for the lovely comment. Yes Morgana and I actually were friends before we knew each other blogged. It was a coincidence! lol Small world. Our hubby’s work together.

    • Thanks Aby so sweet of you. The dress was a great bargain back home. Love anything yellow at the moment. Thanks Morgana has been a great friend way before I ever started blogging. I am very lucky to have her in my life.

  11. those pumpkins are just incredible – I spent half the afternoon trying to carve pumpkins with the girls and all we’ve got so far are a collection of wonky stars!

  12. Love that Olly Murs song! And no spoiler for Greys please! I am still waiting to get hold of the last 4 episodes or so of the last series before I watch this one! Glad to hear things are on the up for you lovely lady 🙂 Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x


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