The tooth fairy has a new story

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:26 pm

My children’s have this sweet obsession with brushing their teeth. Nothing I am complaining about I promise you. They bask in the glory of getting a new toothbrush in the store. They love picking their favorite one out and taking them home to put in their bathroom. I have always been so lucky to not have ever had a time where they refused to brush their teeth as so many of my friends have. I often wonder is it a child’s preference to love or hate it? I have always try to make brushing their teeth magical and fun since their very first tooth in fear it would be a battle. I was so wrong, thankfully.

I even created a song, yes I am one of those parents off her head that thinks she can sing, but can’t.  I won’t leave you a video of my song version as tempting as it is. It goes a little something like this…

We put toothpaste on, get it wet, then we sing this little song,

Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a

Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a

We brush our teeth and our gums for a healthy mouth,

We brush the top,

ch, ch, ch, ch, ch

We brush the bottom,

ch, ch, ch, ch, ch

We brush our teeth and our gums for a healthy mouth!

Ok maybe that’s ott but my children love it and Mr P tolerates my tunes for it as he sees how excited the kids get to keep those pearly whites clean and bright.

Although almost on a daily basis I can catch one of them grabbing their toothbrush out of their bathroom and dancing around while they attempt to brush their teeth and asking me to sing this song.

                  Bupa Dental Care Kids Brushing their Teeth ToothFairy Video      Bupa Dental Care Kids Brushing their Teeth ToothFairy Video

I love our morning and bedtime teeth brushing routines. Our singing together and having fun make the days start pleasant and the nights end perfect. There is nothing that makes me more happy than taking care of my kids health and them having fun in the process. After all, I do live by the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”. I am glad it’s not another chore but a routine we love.

As Buba gets older he is getting wiser and asking a lot more questions about Santa, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. We have a few books that tell magical stories all about the Tooth Fairy but I was so impressed when I saw the personalized video you can make on the Bupa website for your kids.

I created one for Buba and one for Missy Moo and they were ever so delighted to watch their very own personalized Tooth Fairy and what she does with their teeth when they loose them. I won’t spoil the surprise but you have to watch them it’s so magical.

I have many memories of the Tooth Fairy when I was growing up. It is a big part of teeth development in a young child’s life to get excited about getting their adult teeth. I would have loved my very own tooth fairy video just as my kids do. Check them out watching it and asking for it again and again here.

Bupa did a great job in capturing what kids respond to … magic! Every child out there wants to believe there is magic out there from fairies, to Santa, to Harry Potter. It’s the world unknown to them. Why not use it to get them to take better care of their teeth? Try out my song, give it your own spin! It really does help.

Let’s face it the world is full of sugary snacks and drinks both for adults and kids we need to do our best to eat a better diet and provide healthy meals for our kids. We also need to care for our teeth as best we can because there are always going to be holidays, parties, socializing, gathering, and snack times where all that yummy sugary snacks and drinks appear and will be calling our names.





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6 thoughts on “The tooth fairy has a new story”

  1. Love the video. I make up songs whilst helping my little ones brush their teeth too. Jessica thankfully has always been very good about her teeth (which is just as well as dental care is extra important for her as mouth infections could lead to her getting an infection in her heart). Sophie tends to resist it though despite me trying to make it fun – I think it’s just that she wants to do it all herself although her little teeth don’t get brushed very well that way! 🙂

    • Ya my youngest is more of an independent brusher. hahaha Glad to hear I am not the only one making funny songs up and being silly. lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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