How I Got Here

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Cancun, Mexico

In 2007 I went to Cancun, Mexico on a well-deserved vacation with my best friend. I did not know at that time that I would meet my future husband nor did I know that he would give me the courage to write my first book. My friend and I wanted a low key, lazy vacation in the sun. After having both our flights delayed, our plans quickly changed. We were hungry, thirsty, and tired. We found a place called Margaritaville next to our hotel so we trotted over the street to grab a few margaritas and chips and salsa, where better to have them than in Mexico. After the second round of drinks a commotion erupted outside, my best friend with her party animal ways, decided we should go investigate. It was a tour bus packed full of young adults such as ourselves. Who am I kidding they were a bunch of kids, like us, intoxicated and finishing out their Booze Cruz tour for the night. The driver yelled, “One more stop”. We were spontaneous and persuaded the tour guide to let us join them for their last stop, Corona Bar.

It was a cliché moment, as in the movies when everything slows around you and you lock eyes with a gorgeous man but it happened to me. I did not believe in soul mates or real love. Love is a social comfort one makes with a familiar companion. It was confusing what I felt in that moment. After many winks across the room, drinks, and a few dances on the dance floor with my best friend, I walked over and introduce myself. Full of liquid courage! My best friend was less interested in this guy before us and wanted to mingle but there was something about this man I couldn’t understand.

I had to find out where he was from. He said, “England”. I had been there a few times myself so we talked of the places we both had been. My best friend kept suggesting we go elsewhere but I was hooked. I did not care where this man came from I was not going to leave till I figured out why a total stranger had me hooked. As corny as it sounds after five days together, I agreed to move across the world to be with him. A man I hardly knew which was both ludicrous and adventurous. I instantly felt comfortable with him as if we had been together for years. I was going to be with this man by all means necessary.

Three months after locking eyes on that gorgeous man I was packing my bags and heading for Manchester, England on a one way ticket. I had no idea what I might find or how life would be in England. If any of you have ever left behind loved ones, friends, co-workers, your own culture you will understand what I am saying. It changes you right down to the very foundation you base all your decisions on. I love to say this fairy-tale meeting went on to be a fairy-tale life but the first year living abroad almost broke me. I knew no one, I had no right to work in this country yet, (paperwork) I had no family and my days were spent alone while my boyfriend started building his business. I needed an outlet.

I always had a huge imagination growing up and loved filling notebooks with short stories, poems, and hundreds of lists of things that I thought might matter one day. My boyfriend saw me struggling and asked me why I didn’t use this time to write. I couldn’t have agreed more and he persuaded me to write my first book.

Not only did my book become an accomplishment for me, it became my therapy. My story is based heavily on my own experiences living abroad. Life abroad is so different in every way possible language, friendships, companionships, work; the general way of life is different. I wanted to write about love, romance and adventure. It’s a rom-com in a book, a story that displays the cultural differences between two lovers and the awkward yet funny moments that happen to them along the way. Other than retail therapy I find sarcasm and hilarious awkward moments demonstrate cultural differences in unique way. It has comedy, various locations, embarrassing scenarios, and is an easy read. What better way to show the cultures of my homeland verses my new found homeland than through my first novel? If you enjoy a good love story then go to Amazon or Authorhouse and pick up a copy now! I owe having a wonderful husband of six years, two beautiful children, and becoming an author to my delayed flights and Booze Cruz tour guide who gave pity to my best friend and I without which I wouldn’t have ended up at the Corona bar and now sitting here writing this blog for all of you.

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  1. What a great story. I’ve been that stranger abroad because of a man and I remember how hard it was, for both of us, as the man has to fill the space of all family members. That pressure ended our relationship after about six months – I’m so glad yours survived and thrived. (Actually, I’m glad mine ended because I’d have never met my husband otherwise). You should include a link to your novel in the post, make it easy to get people to buy it! 😉

    • Thank you Amanda. Yes, its so hard being far away from family and friends and culture but once I got past the first two years it got alot better. I am so new to blogging and wordpress. Trying to learn how to link things still. Thanks for the tip. I am attempting a page all about my book and link it. Fingers crossed it works.

        • Thank you I hope so, and thank you for your offer of help. I will be sure to take you up on it if I get stuck. Really enjoying not only writing my own blog but reading yours and all the other wonderful bloggers out there.

  2. Awww, I met my husband on holiday too! I was a few months off 16 and was in Majorca with my parents, he was a few years older and with his friends and their parents. Like you we were hooked, he lived about 1.5 hours drive away but we travelled every weekend to be together until we moved in together a year later! It seemed far but nothing compared to you guys!!

    Who says holiday romances don’t last eh? 😉 L x

    • That’s fantastic. I love a good holiday romance story!! If you like to read about it, you should read my book, When Love & Culture Collides. It’s in my sidebar, all about vacation romance and adventure! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Ahhh what a story. And a really huge step after 5 days. I can imagine it must have been a complete roller coaster with immense highs and then lows from missing your family a lot. And look at you now with gorgeous kiddies too. I met my hubby at uni but it was long slow burner of a story. Took him a while to get me to go out with him and eventually I agreed. That was almost 14 years ago now 🙂

    • Yes I think it definitely teaches me to have thicker skin now. I used to be a doormat for everyone. Lol ahh you are so sweet. Me too hunny can’t wait. So nervous but can’t wait!!

    • Yes or stupid but either way it worked out in the end. I just kept thinking to myself follow your heart and if it doesn’t work on just get on a plane and move back!!! lol


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