The Tap of an App!

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 03:54 pm

Never in a million years did I think that an app would be my support system as a mom but when I met the bumps, babies, and beyond mommy group and one of them suggested we all get on what’s up together it changed everything. From those pesky 3am feeds alone in the dark while the rest of the house slept to panicking mysterious baby rashes to naptimes going horribly wrong what’s app had us all connect at the tap of an app.

The eight of us tuned into our “what’s app” day and night when we needed that guidance and advice from one another. It was like having our own advisory team in raising children on hand 24/7. We understood each others’ positions as we were all first time mommies but we also all had very different opinions which was great. I got a variety of advise that I could choose and pick from to help with whatever I was going threw at that moment as did the other mommies. I quickly became reliant on this app every time things were less than smooth. For the past two years this app has been tapped into daily with babies’ ups and downs as well as mommies ups and downs. No topic is off limits from this support team. From talking baby poo to sex to what we ate for lunch, over thousands and thousands of posts between eight mommies has been a soap opera of life that I couldn’t live without.

For any first time mom you will know the feeling of pure exhaustion leading to panic of, “what’s wrong with this baby” at 3 am when the baby won’t feed and is screaming down the house with that piercing do something mommy in their voice after not sleeping for the past week. These little trials can seem enormous but in seconds you can tap on an app and find answers or at least comfort cause there is bound to be at least three or ┬ámore going threw that at that exact moment. Even if all was going well it is nice to know that there is someone else to talk to while feeding in the dark in an otherwise silent house. Now, after having my second child, I find I am right back with some of those beginning worries but have this huge compile of what’s app conversions to fall back on. It has to be one of the best app inventions to date. I plan on writing numerous posts of hilarious moments and cringing stories that have come up over the years through our conversions so stay tuned. I think every group of friends especially mommy groups should tap that app!

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