How to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

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The space where you live should create comfort and peace. Starting off in a new home? Want to revamp your current bedroom of multiple years? Either way, these tips will allow you to style the bedroom of your dreams! Roll up your sleeves, grab a notebook, and get ready to love your new bedroom. 

Take Some Time to Plan

Remember, this is a space for serenity and sleep – you should enjoy being in it! Take a couple of minutes to jot down what you want your room to feel like. Also, are there any key pieces you already know you want to incorporate in the space? Use this time to be creative and really tap into what you want. This would also be the perfect opportunity to figure out how to pick a bedroom style

Add New Furniture and Decor

This next part is fun – start shopping! Check out your local furniture store, online, or any garage sales for pieces that feel perfect for you. Whether you want to add new rugs or built in wardrobes, pick the ones that you connect with. Start with the bigger pieces so that you can eventually center the rest of your design around them. Be sure to add personal touches, like framed photos of your loved ones, or stuffed animals and memorabilia that makes you smile. This concept of bringing in fresh pieces can work on any budget. You can buy items from estate sales for a great deal, or splurge on some luxury goods! If a pair of regal drapes would make your room feel complete – go for it! 

Go at a Slow Pace

Change can be hard for everyone. Freshening up your bedroom is a big switch, so feel free to take it slow. If you are hesitant to change, first try moving your existing furniture around in your room for a couple of days. Then, gradually add new pieces and decor to your room. This way it will gracefully transform into your oasis! Also consider others’ opinions if you are sharing a room! This process can be a bit more challenging if the change does not affect just you. Take time to talk about the changes and why freshening the space up is a good idea. If you are having a hard time with the change, try only incorporating one new piece a day. 

Make it Your Own

Remember, this one space is yours – make it something you’ll love. Add calm lighting and comfortable bedding to make the space extra cozy. Pile a stack of your favorite books by your bed. Incorporating that extra touch of your personality will make all the difference. Focus on how you feel when you are in your new space! Another fun aspect to consider – scents. Pick out some beautiful candles, incense or room spray to elevate the space further. 

Most importantly, enjoy the process of making your room more you! Celebrate your personality and let it shine through your bedroom. Create something you love.


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