Reasons to Visit Perth, Australia as Soon as Possible!

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:26 pm

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Nature and urban life exist in harmony in Perth, on Australia’s West Coast. And with direct flights and the cheapest airport car rental, going to Perth is easier than ever for us mommies or even just us adults! However, it is good to know that no travel is risk-free during COVID. Countries may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice. You can soak up sunshine and experience Swan Valley’s vineyards.  For local culture, you can wander the nearby city of Fremantle’s winding portside streets, Perth’s city centers museum, and gallery precinct or peel back the layers of this urban landscape with an Aboriginal guide.

Reasons to Visit Perth:


Officially Australia’s sunniest city, Perth, is also home to over 19 beaches within easy reach of the town. Each one has its own personality, all offering dazzling white sand and beautiful clear blue water. 

Cottesloe Beach is the most famous, a popular swimming and picnicking spot on the background of a grassy hillside, Norfolk Pines, and a picturesque pavilion! You can spend an entire day snorkeling, surfing, or swimming here before retiring to a restaurant to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

The Wildlife

With its vast parks, nature reserves, and beaches, it is no surprise that wildlife is never far away in Perth. So you are guaranteed to be serenaded by flocks of raucous, colorful rosellas, galahs, and cockatoos.

An island in the Swan River between East Perth and Victoria Park is a nature reserve where kangaroos roam freely!

Just off the coast, Penguin Island is home to 1200 little penguins and dolphins, and stingrays. Easily reached by Ferry, it is a popular place to swim with dolphins. 

Just a little further away is Rottnest Island, home to the world’s largest population of quokkas! A small, short-tailed wallaby with a small face and round ears, it is one of the cutest animals in the world and something of a worldwide Instagram star.

The Indigenous History

Perth’s history is simply fascinating, from the convicts and colonies to the boom and bust economy. However, another reason that Perth soul is visited is because of the indigenous history! The Noongar people are the traditional owners of the Perth region and the Swan Coastal Plain in particular.

The Kings Park Indigenous Heritage Tour is a good place to start exploring the city’s heritage. The tour will retell the Noongar people’s story, the creation of the Dreamtime story, and explain the medicinal, nutritional, and cultural values of the surrounding flora, fauna, and landmarks. 

The Food and Drink

Perth’s food scene is vibrant, with some of Australia’s liveliest bars, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, it takes advantage of the sunny western Australian climate, as it has the highest concentration of rooftop bars and alfresco eateries in the country. 

Unsurprisingly, the seafood is sensational! Your plate will be filled with marron from the southwest of the state, barramundi from up north, lobster from Geraldton, oysters from Albany, prawns from Exmouth, and scallops from nearby Rottnest Island. 

Or if coffee is more your scene, head to Fremanthe’s famous cappuccino strip!


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