When You Should Deep Clean Your Home

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

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Daily and weekly cleaning of your home helps you to stay on top of keeping everything clean. But even regular light cleaning doesn’t take care of all of the essential cleaning tasks in your home. Sometimes you need to deep clean to really get into the areas where dirt, dust, and grime might build up. However, deep cleaning your home isn’t always easy when you don’t know when and how often. Different things need to be cleaned at different times to ensure they look good and stay in good condition. But when do you need to deep clean and what should you pay attention to?

When You’re Moving Home

Deep cleaning is a must when you move home. Not only do you need to clean the home you’re moving out of, but it’s a good idea to deep clean the home that you move into as well. Before you start deep cleaning in your old home, make sure you’ve already spent time looking at moving companies and arranged to have your things moved. You can’t always wait until you’ve moved your things before you start cleaning, but you can make sure you have it all packed up. You might consider using a cleaning service for deep cleaning when you move.


Doing a quarterly deep clean of some of the things in your home can help you to take care of some of the important appliances and other items. Every three months or so is a great time to clean things like your oven and freezer, which you might clean lightly fairly often but can still require a more thorough clean sometimes. It’s also a good time to deep clean your mattress. You can turn it over, sprinkle it with baking powder and vacuum it to refresh it.

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Some things may not need deep cleaning as often, but a yearly check to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases is important. These aren’t necessarily things that you don’t clean the rest of the year, but areas that you provide with a little more attention once a year. For example, you might give your windows a thorough clean. Your gutters can benefit from being cleaned annually, and if you have a fireplace and chimney, you can clean that too. Carpets can benefit from being deep cleaned once a year too, and so can any rugs that you have.

Before Visitors

Even people who aren’t particularly house proud usually want to make sure their home looks tidy before they have visitors or guests. When someone is just coming over for a short visit, quickly tidying up the living room is probably all you need to do. But if you’re expecting guests who will be staying with you for a while, you might want to put a little more effort into deep cleaning your home. While it’s not essential, it does ensure your home is presentable and comfortable for your guests.

Deep cleaning isn’t very fun, but it is a necessary part of cleaning your home at different times.


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