How to Keep Your Family Home Clean & Organized

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Keeping a family home clean and organised can seem like an endless task that’s near impossible to complete. Staying on top of the dirt and grime can be tough when little ones are constantly contributing to the mess, but it’s important that you do not allow your home to become unhygienic or overwhelming for the sake of your children’s health and wellbeing.

It’s not safe to live inside a property that isn’t cleaned often, so there’s no time like the present to start learning a few handy tips and tricks that you can use to take back control of your family home. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can keep your house clean and organised, then simply read on to uncover some of the best hacks that you can make the most of today so you won’t feel overwhelmed in the future! 

family home clean and organized tips and tricks

Make A Cleaning Schedule

One of the best ways to ensure that you can stay on top of your cleaning responsibilities is to make an easy-to-follow schedule that you can implement without too much stress. Breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks will make the process less unnerving. You won’t dread the thought of having to tackle too many uncomfortable activities all at once. It’s best to work room by room, so dedicate a day for each space. With at least one day off so that it doesn’t become all too much.

Create a list that contains a maximum of 10 different tasks that you can perform to clean each room. For example, putting things back into storage, vacuuming and wiping surfaces. Many tasks can be compressed by using handy antibacterial wipes that can tackle almost any surface, stain or unhygienic obstacle. Eventually you will not need to refer to your cleaning schedule as your actions will become routine. This is the perfect way to establish tidiness and organisation inside your home for the foreseeable future.

If you’re a little stuck on how to make a good quality cleaning schedule that covers all bases then do not fret, as there are so many online handy resources that you can utilise to build a brilliant plan in no time at all. 

Make Storage More Accessible

Another great step to making your family home clean and organized involves making storage options more accessible. Having too little storage will make it difficult for you to avoid clutter. You’ll simply have no where to put your stuff! Making the smart decision to invest in extra storage will offer the perfect solution to your woes. And you can finally see the real meaning behind the phrase, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Purchase a wardrobe and chest of drawers to store your clothing. Buy shelving for any books, photos and niknaks too. Try using other essential furniture items that you might expect to see inside a family home for storage. If these don’t quite meet your needs, then consider more creative storage options that can make use of otherwise wasted space. For example, if you need extra storage in the kitchen, there tends to be a gap in between the top of your cupboards and the ceiling. Why not convert this space into something that can be of use? You can also add a hanging rail to hook all kinds of pots and pans above your head!

If it’s extra storage space in your children’s bedrooms or playroom that you require, invest in a storage bench. A storage bench doubles up as comfy seating and easy to access storage. It is perfect for little ones who are learning to tidy up after themselves. 

Declutter As Often As Possible

With each week that passes, your family home is likely to fill up with more and more stuff. Whether you’re inundated with paperwork, overpowered by toys or even cramped by an excess of plastic carrier bags, you must say goodbye to the clutter on a regular basis.

Allowing each room to slowly decrease in its size thanks to a steady flow of stuff piled high is going to encourage a host of other nasty side effects. I am talking about pests such as insects and rodents. Even having a ‘spare room’ that isn’t in use can encourage pests and bacteria inside your home. The small nooks created in between your items make for the ideal nesting spots. It’s gross to think but it happens all the time.

If your home is currently in a bad state then do not fret. You do not have to tackle the whole task on your own. You can easily enlist the help of a house clearance specialist. They have years of experience decluttering far worse properties than yours!

Once you’re able to establish a reasonable level of organisation, decide on a time scale. You can implement one in order to repeat your decluttering process on a regular basis. Decluttering your home once a month is likely to be enough to keep the mess under control. It’s frequent enough to stay on top of things without becoming too much pressure. 

Get Your Kids Involved 

It can be hard coping with all of the family home clean and organized to do lists on your own. It is sure to be overhelming, so try and get your kids involved to make the process more manageable. It’s fair to say that they contribute towards a large proportion of the mess and dirt. It’s only fair that they can begin to learn the skills they need to start tidying up after themselves.

Knowing how to maintain a clean and organized space is such an important life lesson. One that will be so valuable for your children’s future. Especially when they reach an age at which they can move out into their own property. They’ll know exactly how to keep their own home as a healthy, hygienic environment in which they can thrive.

It’s best to begin with the simplest of tasks so that you can ease them in gently. Otherwise you risk putting them off the idea of cleaning and organizing before you’ve even started. Request that they utilize the storage inside their bedrooms. Start by putting away any clothes or toys at the end of each day to clear up their own space. For big kids, you can ask that they regularly vacuum around the house. Vacuuming regularly sucks up any excess dirt, dust or debris. It can build up in a matter of days and you don’t realize it.

If you want your children to help more, then you can always create a family cleaning schedule. It dictates who completes which task on which day. Make sure you encourage your children to stick to the schedule by adding in a few different rewards too! Even simply explaining your situation to your kids may be enough to slow the rate of mess and grime. They can then make an effort to change their behaviour to reduce the junk that they drop or leave. 

Keeping your family home as clean and organised as ever has never been such a simple task. Take the time to utilise some of the brilliant hacks and ideas that have been carefully described above. 


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