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Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

Now more than ever, it should be all about the small changes we can make that make a big impact. Whether that’s small changes to help the environment or small changes to balance your life in mind and/or body too.

I am joining the Mighty Human team from Mighty Pea UK to encourage and spread positive awareness that everyone has MIGHTY in them! With that I want to show you how even the busiest parents/people, not just the gym bunnies can do small things and make a big difference to their health too.

There seems to be a stigma around protein powders and hard-core gym goers these days. But you don’t have to have all the fancy gear and turn up to the gym just to drink those delicious shakes or use protein powders in your daily food. Protein powders are a lifestyle option that everyone can try and everyone can benefit from. You might want to boost your metabolism but don’t have time for the gym. Perhaps you feel like you need more energy and boost your performance stamina to improve your overall health. It’s about being healthy on the inside as much as it is to be healthy on the outside.

What’s in Mighty Humans Vegan Protein Powders?

Protein powders like the Vegan Protein Powder can do just that and more! Mighty Pea’s vegan protein not only has a unique mix of pea, hemp, rice and flaxseed but blended in with supergreens like Spirulina, Matcha, and Chlorella, it’s one you have to try out!

What flavors are available?

It comes in three delicious, mouth-watering flavours: Chocolate, Super Berry, and my favourite Salted Caramel. Over the last few weeks, I have been putting it to the test with my busy work and family life schedule, trying it in all sorts of recipes.

That’s another stigma that comes with protein powders. Those that aren’t familiar with protein powders seem to think you can only drink protein powders in smoothies and shakes. It puts them off using them because they don’t realize you can do so many different things with vegan protein powder and reap the benefits even if you hate smoothies and shakes! Take a look below…

My Quick Chocolate-ty Smoothie:

1 scoop of Mighty Human Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder. 1 tsp of cacao powder. 1 cup of Mighty Pea M.lk and 1 spoonful of chocolate coconut yogurt. Top with cacao powder or nibs.

My new favourite is the Protein Super Berry Parfaits I make the night before with granola and leave in the fridge. It’s like eating a mini ice cream for breakfast everyday with all the benefits and none of the bad stuff actual ice cream has.

My Mighty Humans Super Berry Parfait Recipe:

In a small ramekin, scoop a large spoon full of your favourite healthy granola. Mix in a separate bowl, 1 cup of coconut yogurt and 1 scoop of Mighty Human Berry Vegan Protein Powder (it will be a lovely pink afterwards). Add mixed protein yogurt on top of granola and top with fresh berries and a sprinkle of more granola. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight and eat in the morning. Easy as that and packed full of nutrition!

My favorite Salted Caramel Breakfast Shake:

1 scoop of Mighty Human Salted Caramel Vegan Powder in a small blender. Add in 2 cups of Mighty Pea M.lk. 2 tsp of cinnamon, a handful of Cacao Nibs and 5 ice cubes. Blend until smooth and top with more cinnamon and a pinch of oats.

How many calories does it have per serving?

Mighty Human is a delicious tasting vegan nutritional supplement – it’s full of key vitamins and minerals, all with under 111 calories per 30g serving.

How I get my Mighty on…

This year, I have made some small changes that have completely changed my life with big impacts. I have focused on my overall health and fitness closely. As a mother of three, I don’t want to keep using the same excuses year after year about just being too busy to take care of myself. A healthy and happy mum can care for a healthy and happy family. So I put my excuses in a box and shipped them.

You don’t need a lot of time to make sure your body is getting what it needs. Mighty Human Vegan Protein has been great for me! On days I need that extra immune kick it gives me the supergreens I need as I kickstart my metabolism with the delicious, healthy breakfast recipes included above. Not only do I include it in my morning routine, but a lot of the time, I use it for a pick me up in the afternoon too – because I love a good workout (when I can find the time) it’s perfect to have after a gym session.

I can feel the difference already, having incorporated Mighty Human Vegan Protein Powders into my lifestyle. I feel great and to top it off, it is so tasty too. I love each of the three flavours, as you can incorporate them into so many different recipes. But the best part is – it’s not just good for me but its good for the planet too! The brand really has thought of everything and everyone. And remember, “everyone has mighty in them!”

*In collaboration with Mighty Pea UK.

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