Say goodbye to nail salons with Sistaco Mineral Bond

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 01:38 pm

Yes, you read the title right! No more acrylics, shellac, and dipping powders to get  salon looking nails. Use Sistaco Mineral Bond nail kits at home and not only saving money but hours of time in a salon. I am a busy parent of three, working full-time so I don’t have time to be in salons every other week. I love that Sistaco products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and toxin free too! No more worrying about toxic nails just to have flawless nails. Sistaco Mineral Bond has you covered with quick, easy, non-toxic nails in minutes right at home. So you can do it in between the kids’ soccer practice and piano lessons. 

With Sistaco nail sets you can apply quick and easily in the comfort of your own home by brushing on their fine powder. No skills are required. With their durable formula it can provide up to 2+ weeks of wear. My shellac never last that long. 

Sistaco Mineral Bond nail sets are non-toxic which is so important these days. The less toxins we put on our body the better and so many beauty products are going non-toxic. Hooray! I, now, always read my beauty product labels to know exactly what I am using on my body. 

Sistaco products were created by a mom and daughter in Australia that cared about what they put on their nails and what you put on yours too. So Sistaco powders are mineral based that does not include any animal derived ingredients (vegan friendly). As a brand none of the products they produce are tested on animals (cruelty-free). Add in as I mentioned above they are non-toxic, 16 free including Hema/Methacrylate free, now that’s a brand I can get behind. How about you? 

How to Apply

Depending on the type of powder you choose to try first, application will be slightly different but still quick and easy. You have a choice between Classic Powders, Holographic Powders, and Metallic Powders too. You can even do embellishments to get that extra sparkle. With over 100 colors to choose from there is definitely something that will spark your fancy. It’s as easy as coat, seal, brush, coat, seal again and off you go. See video below.

How to Remove 

You can use acetone in the Sistaco rapid removal hub or apply the express remover. In just 2-3 minutes your color will bubble and you can start to gently push off the color. Wipe away residue and you are clean. Do take care not to get express remover on your skin. For full step by step instructions pop over to Sistaco website and click How to remove and it will show you photos and videos.

Saving Time & Money by using Sistaco Mineral Bond 

With 30 plus manicures per pot you will be saving thousands a year by doing your own nails in the comfort of your own home not to mention the hours you will be saving in not waiting in a salon, driving to and from a salon and the time it takes to have acrylics, shellac or dipping style nails done. WOW, this blew me away because it all does add up and time and money are hard to come by these days.

I think this brand is brilliant for creating a way for people to have flawless looking nails without the price tag of bi-weekly fills and time consumption of salon appointments. For busy parents, busy people in general, taking care of ourselves or even pampering ourselves usually gets put on the back burner. Kids’ sports and activities, and work usually get in the way or come first as priority. Sistaco really did think about this when creating their products with a mom and a daughter that didn’t have the time either. Now you can get flawless nails, like they do, for less money, less time and safer for you. 

Why not check them out and try one of their nail sets. There are three starter kits to get you going and try out depending on your budget. Check them out!


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