How to make a Floral Corsage in a few easy steps

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My mother was a florist, so growing up whenever I needed a corsage for special occasions like Prom or Homecoming, she would make amazing floral corsages. She truly is so talented when it comes to designing, creating, and all things flowers. It’s about this time of year the word Prom starts popping up in school, ready for the big dance at the end of the school year. The one dance so many students look forward to each year. I remember mine like it was yesterday, plush pink fluffy dress, hair in curls tied in a circle at the top of my head and I even remember my own floral corsage.

Floral corsage has been one of the essential accessories for different events like wedding, prom, homecoming, graduation, and even worn as hair flowers as a fashion accessory, by some too. This flower arrangement could also be in a form of boutonnieres, wrist corsage, and bouquet if you like.

This could be done with the tools you have at home. It could seem like a daunting task wiring flowers, but after you try it for the first time, you will know how simple and exciting it is to create a floral corsage on your own. This will save you from paying a florist and allow you to design your own keepsake in memory of an event.

  1. Decide on the theme – Traditionally, the corsage goes with the theme of the occasion. Consider the color of the theme so you can match your floral corsage appropriately. If it’s a prom, consider your school or your group theme. Try to also look at interior design colors to get ideas on what colors match each other.
  2. Pick a flower – You can either pick from a garden or purchase one on a local or online florist. Popular options include roses, daisies, lilies and orchids. If you wish to use orchids but don’t have one planted in your garden, then you can order orchids online which is a lot more convenient. Get at least three to five fully bloom pieces and keep them in water. Be sure to only choose sturdy flowers that can last a day and can be easily pinned on clothes without worrying of fallen out petals.
  3. Choose a filler – Your corsage should have filler flowers to create accent and highlight the main flowers. This could be anything like little snips of fern leaves, Baby’s Breath, Eucalyptus, etc.
  4. Add trinkets – To personalize your floral corsage, you can add some trinkets like pearls, lace, and other charms that will add accent to the corsage.
    how to make a floral corsage
  5. Create your floral corsage – Gather a few flowers. Three or five flowers create the ideal size of a corsage. Be sure to cut the stems to equal lengths. Get your wire and bind the flower and filler stems with floral wire and tape. Snip it starting from the top towards the bottom with the flower wire. Repeat the step but now with the floral tape. Be sure you wrap all the way down until the wire is fully covered. Keep binding and wrapping some flowers and fillers together. Get the wired flowers and begin to have it a good arrangement. Keep in mind that this little thing should be eye-catching on someone’s clothes. Attach some charms. Be sure to clip it securely with florist wire. Wrap the bind flowers altogether with a lace or ribbon to cover the floral tape.
  6. Have some finishing touches – Trim off thorns or leaves that you don’t want to see in the arrangement. Adjust any piece you find not a good fit.

Arranging a floral corsage is not really as difficult as you think it’s done. Once you have all the essential tools you need, take it one step at a time, then you can have a floral corsage you can be proud of.

Floral corsages mark huge milestones in life, why not have it freeze dried afterwards to have a keepsake forever? Or do you have a friend getting married soon, why not offer to make her wedding corsages for her as part of her wedding present? Pin this image below to refer to my tutorial nearer the event or for reference at a later date. Let’s get celebrating!

how to make a floral corsage

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  1. Beautiful! I actually made the corsages for my bridesmaids at my wedding, it was surprisingly easy thanks to a YouTube tutorial video!! This is lovely, I’m at a wedding in August and might give another one a go! #sharewithme

    • Oh that’s such a lovely touch to make it special for your bridesmaid. Yes can’t beat YouTube tutorials I swear I learn so much from Youtube.

    • Half term has been absolutely amazing and so sunny out I am loving it. The kids are back on routines today though and I have so much work to catch up on too. Eek.


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