How to Plan a Hassle-Free Weekend Away With Kids

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It is no big secret that travelling with kids is not always an easy task. When heading off on a break with the kids in tow, there is much more to consider. Travelling with kids also means that there is plenty more to pack. Taking a weekend break is an excellent way to explore new places with your children and enjoy family adventures. Weekend trips are generally much less hassle than longer holidays with children. 

If you are planning a weekend away with the kids, these tips will help ensure that it is fun for the whole family:

There is nothing better than a stress free holiday. When you take the time to prepare it can always be easy and fun. We travel all over the world both short haul and long haul trips with our three kids so here are some tips to help you get started.

Timing is Everything

The times that you travel are a big consideration when you have kids. If your kids are in a set routine, they may get pretty cranky if you interrupt this. Travelling at a time when your kids are usually eating can be disastrous. Scheduling a stop on your journey for food is a great way to ensure no one gets hangry. Travelling at a time when your kids would normally be resting can be helpful if they usually sleep well in the car. 

Planning your itinerary to take the kids routine into account can help avoid any meltdowns disrupting your journey. Travelling to your destination is one of the most exciting parts of a trip, so making sure that it is enjoyable for everyone is essential.

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Pack With Care

Travelling light with kids is never easy. Kids tend to have plenty of stuff to take with them wherever they go. Dressing the kids in layers is an excellent way to ensure that they can adjust their outfit according to the weather without needing to pack tons of clothes. Packing a few travel-size games in place of larger toys is also a handy way to keep kids occupied without filling your bags. 

If you are travelling on a plane or public transport, it is helpful to split the family’s clothes between suitcases. Doing this will ensure that if one bag goes missing, everyone will have something to wear.

No one likes carrying around suitcases and heavy bags while they are away. If you have time to kill before checking in at your accommodation, storing your bags is a wise idea. Using Radical Storage luggage storage will enable you to keep your luggage securely stored while you explore. 

Don’t forget your gadgets too. You want to record all your memories and adventures together on your travels. There are technologies that will make travelling easier for you too.

how to plan a hassle free weekend away with the kids

Plan Your Fun

Planning your weekend away with the kids in advance is the best way to pack as much fun as possible into your trip. 

Getting every member of the family involved with planning your trip will help make sure everyone has a great time. The kids will love helping to choose where to go and what to do on your weekend away.

Doing some research to choose which attractions you plan to visit during your getaway will save you time when you arrive. If possible, booking tickets before you go will help you to save money. With advance tickets, you will be able to avoid the queues when you arrive at the attraction too. 


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