It’s called true love #lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:29 am

It’s almost time for the most celebrated love day of the year, Valentine’s Day. You can see social media flooding in with craft ideas for amazing presents, baking recipes that will wow your loved ones, and photos bursting with kisses, hugs, and hearts. I love a good reason to celebrate the ones we love and how much we love them. 

If you haven’t heard of #lifecloseup it’s an instagram community I started last year to gather together all those amazing zoomed in details of life’s everyday moments. It can be of anything. It has been such a lovely community getting to know more instagrammers and seeing lovely, inspiring feeds joining in each week. I think I am a little obsessed with instagram if I am allowed to say that. Mostly with everyone else’s feeds. I always come away feeling so happy, motivated, inspired and fresh ideas popping into my head about things I want to do or make. This week I have seen so much love being shared in various ways. Love for others, love for crafts, love for food, love for styling and so much more. It was my hardest week yet to pick just nine favorites as I loved each and every one of them. I am so appreciative of everyone who joins in. 


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This week was a funny one for me. I had leg surgery that was supposed to be simple and right back to normal life. Well, neither happened and I didn’t plan on having down time and having to rest. I had so many things planned that I had to either cancel or do half heartedly. I hate doing things half way. But I am feeling better and optimistic that next week I will catch up and finally finish painting the back of our house. I hate things sitting on my ‘to do’ list very long. Either way, I had a few moments each day to snap something that made me smile, happy, and not think of my stitches on my leg. I hope you all can join me in sharing your zoomed in captures. Here are mine…


It's called true love #lifecloseup an instagram community

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I would love you to join us over on instagram by using the hashtag #lifecloseup. PLEASE NOTE: if you hashtag your photo hours or days later it will go in order of the time it was posted not hashtagged so it won’t be seem by people if you do it a few days later as it will be hidden by all the most recent photos posted. If that makes sense. I see a few are hashtagging days later and I am almost missing them. Don’t want you to miss out on the love, likes and comments. So let’s get snapping and tagging!








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    • Thanks lovely every time I take a break from something the momentum stops and never returns like SWM blog hop took Christmas over numbers are more than half linking up and many never came back. 🙁 So the work must go on or it stops whether I need time off or not sadly. But I do love instagram so much that it’s nice feature to keep up.


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