Keeping a Clean Home as a Busy Mom

Being a mom is a full time job in itself, and when you’re adding house cleaning to your list of daily tasks it can all become overwhelming. You dont need a house that looks like a show home, but for your own sanity and the safety of your family it needs to be kept at a reasonable level and that means putting in the time to clean it. But there are ways you can reduce this time and make things a little easier, here are some ideas. 

Make Your Home More Minimal

Creating a home that’s more minimalistic will save you time on cleaning. This might mean removing lots of fussy objects from on display so you dont have to spend ages dusting them. It might mean swapping carpets for hard flooring that can be more easily cleaned, and removing any unnecessary furniture so it’s easier to move around. With lots of nooks and crannies, dirt can accumulate and pests can hide too- so save yourself time and the need to call pest control and clear any space you can. Getting organised with your storage helps too, when everything has a place and can easily be put back, things are much less likely to build up. 

Involve the Whole Family

Cleaning shouldn’t be a one person job. Get your family involved in maintaining the home. Assign age appropriate chores to your kids like picking up toys, dusting or helping with laundry- teaching your children to take responsibility for their spaces not only lightens your load but also instils good habits.

Use Efficient Cleaning Tools and Products

Invest in cleaning tools and products that save time and effort, it might be cost up front but overall it will save you time and probably money too. A good vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths, and multi surface cleaners can make a big difference. Consider a robot vacuum that can clean floors while you’re busy with other tasks. Keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom and kitchen to make quick touch ups easier. The right tools can cut down on cleaning time significantly.

Take Advantage of Downtime

Use small pockets of downtime to tackle quick cleaning tasks. While waiting for dinner to cook, you can wipe down kitchen surfaces or sweep the floor. During your kids’ naptime, you might do a quick tidy-up of the living room. Using these moments efficiently can keep your home looking neat without dedicating large chunks of time to cleaning.

Hire Help

If keeping up with household chores feels overwhelming, hiring cleaning help if you can afford to can be a great solution. Professional cleaners can tackle deep cleaning tasks like scrubbing bathrooms and cleaning floors. This frees up your time and reduces stress, and means if you have jobs you especially dont like doing (like cleaning the oven, ironing or scrubbing the windows you can pay someone else to do them instead. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Finally, remember that it’s okay if your home isn’t spotless all the time. Set realistic expectations for yourself and accept that some days will be messier than others. Focus on keeping your home safe and comfortable for your family rather than aiming for perfection.

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