Keeping Your Little Ones Occupied Whilst Stuck At Home

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 10:32 am

Being stuck indoors with small children can easily become a nightmarish experience, as it’s very difficult to keep them occupied and ensure they feel happy and content throughout the whole day. However, with many lockdown orders continuing to loom, it’s never been more essential to figure out how to keep your little ones occupied whilst staying at home, as it’s more common for the average household to spend more time indoors.

Luckily, there are several brilliant ideas and concepts that you can make the most of to ensure your children can have brilliant fun (and forget the fact that they can’t go outdoors), and it’s never been easier to start planning your day inside. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can utilise today!

Learning Important Life Lessons

A brilliant way to keep your little ones occupied whilst staying at home is by teaching them some important life lessons. There are so many opportunities to learn from the comfort of your home, especially when it comes to aspects such as organisation and eating well.

Teaching your children about food and how to cook simple meals can be a really exciting way to help your kids to learn vital skills for the future, and you can start at the very beginning through growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Investing in some seeds and a few planting pots is all that is required to begin your growing journey, so source some easy to maintain species such as herbs, tomatoes or strawberries to introduce your kids in a straightforward manner. They can watch as their seeds transform into a small plant, bearing food that you can eat together as a reward for all of their hard work! Things like growing your own food and being able to prepare and cook a healthy balanced meal are some of the most essential skills that you can maintain, and learning such important things at an early age can be extremely beneficial.

Teach them about money and finances. They are never too young to start. Younger ones can play market or shop. Older ones can open bank accounts and do house chores for money to save.

TV Shows, Games & More

Utilising technology by letting your children watch a tv show or play a game can be a brilliant way to keep them occupied for several hours, and there are so many different options that you explore to suit every kind of individual. It can be very easy to find fun films and shows to watch on almost any device, as you can utilise streaming platforms and exterior devices to host lots of different videos and more.

Searching for a platform like Troypoint can help you to make the most out of the tech that you have, letting your little ones gain access to usually unseen films and shows that can keep them entertained. You can also visit these torrent sites to download tv series if you can’t find a good movie elsewhere.Gaming can be a brilliant option as many platforms follow story lines that will draw your children in and ensure they stay hooked. And most of them can be educational too. They won’t even know they are learning at the same time.

Family game night brings in fun and bonding with the whole family. Whilst during the day they might be learning and in separate rooms this is a chance to bring everyone together in the home.


Teach your kids to love reading like you do. A kindle is a great bribery as mine feel like they are on an iPad so don’t moan as much as they would when I mention grabbing a book. Reading is a great way to learn but also to relax and pass the time. It doesn’t have to be tv and device screen time all the time. They will quickly learn this too. We build dens and then read our books together inside snuggled under a cozy blanket. Add fairy lights if you want to get creative.

Crafts & Art

This isn’t just a fun (yet messy) way to pass the time. It really is so good for them to learn and express themselves through creativity.

Both of my kids love craft time at home. It can keep them entertained for hours on end. Another way to make something fun to send to the grandparents too that you can’t see right now.

Keeping your little ones occupied whilst being stuck indoors at home has never been so simple!

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