LeapFrog’s LeapTV added new educational games to their collection

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

When it comes to playing video console games, as parents we want our kids to also be learning along the way. We have fallen in love with our LeapFrog LeapTV and you can see our full review of the gaming console, just click the link above. While Spiderman was great at teaching phonics, we have the opportunity this week to test out the newest additions to the LeapTV game collection including the famous PAW Patrol, Dance & Learn, and Sports. All these are games that are fun for kids and educational at the same time.

LeapFrog seem to always get it right when it comes to applying age groups to their games. I have the added advantage of testing them out on my littlest as well as my biggest child, who is now in school. I can definitely see the difference in the understanding of how to play the games and following instructions. But it’s also nice that their are numerous games they love to play together too.

PAW PATROL:LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

LeapTV has added Nickelodeon’s infamous PAW Patrol Storm Rescuers Educational active video game to their collection for 3-5 year olds. If your kids are obsessed with PAW Patrol as much as mine are this will be one of their favorite LeapTV games to play. The game uses rescue missions just like the cartoon throughout Adventure Bay using body motion and early science skills. Who doesn’t want to teach their little ones science as early as possible. I can quickly see that this one will be one of their favorites to play over and over.

DANCE & LEARN:LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

Another LeapTV active video game that has joined the collection is Dance & Learn for 4-7 year olds. With nine dance games the kids will be shaking, spinning, flapping and hopping to the tunes pouring from your tv. I love that they can play with family and friends or dance away centerstage by themselves.  It introduces rhythm, builds momentum, and early reading skills too.  It’s a multiplayer video game up to four players.  Your living room can quickly become the new disco meet spot. There is an added bonus, how much exercise the kids are getting while they are learning and playing. They definitely sleep deep after an evening session playing their Dance & Learn.

LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

SPORTS!:LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

Last but not least in the slightest is the brilliant LeapTV Sports educational, active video game. A long favorite of many LeapTV users for ages 4-7 year olds. With all your favorite LeapFrog characters the kids will enter a new arena of sports fun and learning. They can bowl, block, chop, swing, and swim through nine active games. The kids get to decide whether they want to play with a friend or family member or choose of of the crew like Lily or Tad to play with. This game involved addition, subtractions, patterns and shapes, getting your child using their mathematic skills while they play.
I think the idea of seeing themselves on the screen still is such a huge novelty with their LeapTV games. They really feel like they are getting in the games themselves and keeps their attention on what they are doing more than with a game, sat on the couch on a tablet. I love that they are up and moving about, getting exercise and burning energy. I also love that they are learning while having fun. I already have noticed how much the littlest one has been learning from watching the my biggest one play too.

EDUCATING KIDS THROUGH GAMES:LeapFrog's LeapTV new educational games for kids

Each LeapFrog LeapTV games has a colored label on the front of the game box to share with you what subject your child will be learning with that particular game and the various skills that they will be working with too.  You can easily see about just in three games, my kids are learning math, science and reading and the numerous skills listed all being used while playing these educational games.

You don’t have to feel guilty letting them play games a little longer than normal. Sometimes my biggest kid comes home with a subject or assignment from school that matches one of his games and when he is tired of sitting at the dining table, working on his homework, we use his LeapTV to help further that subject. He doesn’t feel like it’s homework when he is playing his LeapTV. I think its a win-win for both parents and children.

*As part of the LeapFrog Blogger Panel we have been sent these games to test out on both my children for their age group

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  1. I feel like I’ve really missed a movement here as I didn’t even know this existed! My littles would love trying this out it sounds fab. I like the idea of choosing a certain game to develop different skills x

    • Oh yes LeapFrog is amazing and this is one of my favorite educational learning consoles and the games can be so tailored for age and each child. The kids are absolutely in love and always sharing it when friends come over too. I love that they are playing and learning at the same time. After all, learning should be fun.


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