What would you do with an extra £100 to spend?

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:01 pm

Lately, my mind has been traveling to more pressing matters in life. I don’t know why I am getting all sentimental and emotional over world poverty at the moment but I am. I always say I wanted another baby but I think I want to adopt one day instead. I have been having dreams about it a lot and other dreams about making a difference in someones life. It has me really thinking about the world and how many kids are suffering around the world and don’t have an eighth of what my children have. I am grateful I can provide this life to my own children but what if I could provide it to another child or at least help more charities that help those less fortunate. Whether I ever adopt a child in the far future, I know I want to get more involved in charities for children in the near future.

When I was asked what I would do with an extra £100 this week I immediately thought, give to a children’s charity. While in reality our minds might think it would be nice to buy the kids some new shoes, or get that back door fixed, or new wheels for our car those are all superficial things. When you are thinking of a bigger picture £100 pounds wouldn’t even cover most of those superficial things but £100 to a charity for children is a lot! Every penny helps feed and give medical aid to those in need. Wouldn’t you want your money to go where it was most valuable? I know, I would.

We have all seen those commercials that tear our hearts out but if you really listen to them and try to not think of the photos and videos they are showing for a second you would realize just how much they can do with such a little amount donated. You couldn’t get that value for the same amount of money anywhere else.

There are so many charities out there begging for help and are so grateful for all that’s donated. I am trying to teach my children that giving back is a good thing. As they get older we are talking more about money, in all aspects of spending, saving and donating. I think it’s so important to teach our children all of this. They are the next generation under us and don’t you want them to be as educated and aware of the world we live in if they end up running the country someday? I know extreme but you never know it could be your child. I watched my own generation go deep into debt but it was all about buying on credit when I was growing up. Then we are stuck with trying to dig ourselves out of debt and not being able to help anyone else. I like to think that I can make a difference for others that are in need and not just think of my own children but the world’s children that may not have it as good as others.

I am always thinking in terms of how to save on electricity, gas, and other bills We setting up savings accounts for the kids and what banks to use that are going to save us money here and there like TSB bank accounts which you can earn from their plus account a £100 in a year. (max) If we can save more money on the things we need, why can’t we use that extra money to help those others in need. If it was the other way around you would hope they would feel the same way to help you out. How great would the world be if we all worked on that mentality. 

What would you do with your extra £100?

TSB Plus Current Bank Account

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3 thoughts on “What would you do with an extra £100 to spend?”

  1. Poverty in the UK is scarily high at the moment. It just doesn’t seem right that a country like ours can have so many families and individuals living in poverty. I think I would do the same. Whilst an extra £100 would be great to buy ourselves a wee treat, we have a salary every month that we can use to treat ourselves. I read the stats for my contemporary issues class and it is something like 1 in 3 children are living in poverty in Scotland. It’s just not right.

  2. I think I’d donate the money to the church’s food bank or to the Nepal’s earthquake appeal. We’re lucky enough to have enough money for our needs, so it would be good to pay that forward. #sharewithme


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