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LeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids review

When my son first started reception last year, I was so worried how I was going to help him in his education. Having never been taught the way the UK does phonics myself, I had anxieties about the homework he would bring home and the things I would have to learn along side him. In preparing myself, I scoped out books, games, and online help for my husband and I to check out as well as share with B when he started school and we needed to further his education, at home.

LeapFrog has always been at the top of the educational learning toys and games pyramid so I was so excited to test out the new LeapTV. While I am not into video gaming for my kids, it is the educational side of the games that appealed to me so much. It’s games both my kids can play and learn together and individually at their own levels and to me, the versatilities of the LeapTV was important. Kids learn things at different rates and ages and the LeapTV can handle that and grow with the child which was a huge bonus for me.

LeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids review

LeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids review

LeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids review

We got the Spiderman game along with our LeapTV as who doesn’t love learning from Spiderman and teaching phonics?  My son couldn’t’ have been more excited when he got home from school and I had it all setup for him which was super easy to do. On screen instructions were quick and easy to follow from the moment I plugged it in. I was really surprised too, how quickly he picked up on how to move around the home screen and choose different options as much as he was quick to learn how to play the games with the controller. With MM watching on, he was reading and having story time with Spiderman. Throughout each level he played a little of Spiderman webbing through the city and to pass each obstacle he had to answer educational questions to move on. I think the age guidelines are quite easy though, for B he knew his age level questions already so we moved him up a level.

The LeapTV itself is a sleek design that stands upright nicely next to your tv. The games are easy to insert into the console. The controllers can be used two different ways, in stick position or in the position closed above. There is a green safety strap and each time you turn on your LeapTV the audio instructions will tell the children to pull safety strap over their wrist and secure it before starting the game. (you don’t want a controller flying into your tv or another family member). The camera is adjustable for height with a stand too that you can stuck behind when you are not playing the game.

LeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids reviewLeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids reviewLeapFrog LeapTV Spiderman Educational toys and games for kids review

So what’s included:

• LeapTV console
• Console stand
• Motion-sensing camera
• Camera mount
• 1 transforming controller with wrist strap
• 6′ HDMI cable
• AC power adapter
• Built-in Wi-Fi plus Ethernet port
• 16GB memory

Bonus game
Pet Play World (with registration)*

The bonus game, Pet Play World is the kids’ absolute favorite with numerous animals to choose from and color changing them to their own creations. Then they can choose to take their very own pets to get washed, bounce on trampolines, play with toys or go to the pet shop for snack time. There are so many features to this bonus game that MM really likes too. But most importantly, I love that it gives both my kids great exercise. Using the camera, they learn through motion by  jumping and dancing around to wash and play with the animals. It follows their own body movements and the kids think it’s amazing to see themselves on the tv screen too.

Games that educate and provide exercise to my kids as well as fun entertainment are games worth having in the house, in my opinion. The LeapTV has over 100+ games and video options we can’t wait to try them out. For those children that can’t read yet the instructions are audio so they can follow along, play and learn too.  Don’t forget to register your console as the games grow with your children and auto adjust the level to the right challenge for your child’s age. It will also keep each child’s progression and information in their own separate files.

On a rainy day, after school it’s the perfect extension to my kids’ education along with a whole lot of fun to be had together. B has already been trying to teach his sister to play the harder levels and encourages her to progress on her own levels too. We have our eye on a few other games like Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol, what kid doesn’t like to learn along side the PAW patrol?

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*As part of the LeapFrog testing panel this year, I have been sent these to review. All opinions and photos are my own. We would never boast about or share a product we didn’t use or love ourselves here on LTM.

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