Learning a lesson the hard way

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:18 am

I have always been the kind of person that doesn’t think of insuring the small things in life. It is always the notion that it won’t happen to me or I can just replace it if it did. As the cost of cell phones rise this is not so much the case anymore and while I was too lazy to insure my phone, my son decided to teach me a valuable lesson!

“Always insure your valuables and that includes your phone!”

Yup, my gorgeous, blonde, curly haired, first born got a hold of my cell phone and in the toilet it went without a second thought. The moment literally flashes across my very own eyes as I was thinking I just bought that! I couldn’t move fast enough and it was too late. I stood over the toilet watching it sink to the bottom. No amount of rice was going to bring it back to life. The very phone I had just bought and told the nice salesman, “no I never need the insurance”. 

After forking out for a new one, I realized how silly I was with two toddlers in the house and no insurance on my valuables. Yes, my phone at the cost of it is valuable to me. So please learn from me and make sure you take these precautions to guard your valuables and your phone especially when you have kids around. 

6 Precautions to Keep Your Valuables Safe:

1. Always keep them up high above children’s reach. It’s too easy to be on instagram and set your phone down on the couch and walk away. Said toddler comes in and has a sense for these things left behind. This is how my own phone ended up in the toilet. They are quick thinkers, I promise you.

2. Store in a safe place, where children can’t get in to. Possibly in a safe! My niece broke my great-grandmother’s necklace once playing dress up because she got into my mother’s jewellery box. Keep these kind of valuables in places not just burglars can’t find but your children too. 

3. Never set them down near food or drink. Children are constantly clumsy and you could be too. Food and water damage are so common to valuables. 

4. On vacations be extremely cautious of the pool. It’s too easy to want to keep your phone next to you by the pool to snap up those vacation photos or check the time. Make sure to always store it with a towel or shirt over it so it doesn’t over heat in the sun but where you will remember so you don’t sit on it or worse fling your towel to go back in and it be tossed in pool. Keep sun block far from any valuables you own. Watches, jewellery, and phones can all be damaged by the oils in sun block. 

5. Get them insured! Don’t be like me and wait to have to fork out a fortune to replace a valuable. TSB have some great current accounts that come with mobile phone insurance. Some valuables aren’t replaceable and no one wants to have that heartache when it only cost a little to insure your treasures. It ‘could’ happen to you. 

6. Always keep a close eye when letting children play with an valuables on their own. Children aren’t mindful of fragile things and tend to play rough and don’t know it. Whether it’s your phone or letting them play dress up with your jewellery, stay close so you can assist where needed. I know many like to let their toddlers play on their phones while waiting for an appointment, just be mindful this is usually when the phone gets thrown across the room or dropped in excitement.

“Never hand a child your phone if it’s not insured!”

I hope you all will learn a lesson that my lovely son decided to teach me. I was being cheap not to get insurance on my phone and in the end my error cost me more than years worth of insurance in one go. How silly was I? 

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8 thoughts on “Learning a lesson the hard way”

    • It was and I lost a lot of video photos and things I hadn’t backed up. Oops as my icloud was full. Hahaha lots of lessons in one toddler swipe of a phone down the toilet.

  1. Very wise words. I’ve had to get mine replaced twice on the insurance. Contents cover for your home will usually cover your mobile so it’s worth checking. Mine is covered that way 🙂 x


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