Let’s focus on life’s details #lifecloseup

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:28 am

I am over on instagram with a lovely community focusing on life’s details with #lifecloseup hashtag. I created this zoomed in capturing community to really make us all focus on the little things we let pass us by on a daily basis. The things we may not focus in on in the big pictures that we snap. I love this project and how many amazing instagrammers it has brought together already in the first few weeks of it. I hope all of you have been enjoying all the amazing snapshots flooding in from all over the world. They are inspirational, relaxing, peaceful, full of love, full of adventure, growth and change. I love each one and it’s getting harder and harder to narrow it down to nine each week. I try to choose a variety of photos that will be pleasing to everyone’s tastes as much as being my favorite captures of the week. 

If you are new here, #lifecloseup is an instagram community for anyone to join by using the hashtag for all zoomed in photos. It can be of your little ones, of yourself, home interior, food, flowers or plants, nature, toys, fashion, just remember any type of photos is welcome. I will share my round up of nine every Sunday on my blog here. Those that have been reading and following along do check out these amazing instagrammers below as well as stop by the community and say hello yourself. 

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS: #LIFECLOSEUPLet's focus on life's details #lifecloseup

ohlittleonesweet, bubbablueandme, loveashleykatrina

insideoabout, capturebylucy, mommys.vanity

alittlecrisp, espressie, dear_beautiful_

Of course, as must as I love pouring over beautiful captures I do love attempting them myself. I have been slacking this week on instagram with my captures. Whether the lighting hasn’t been great, or I just hate the photos I have been taking it’s been one of the quietest week’s I have had on my instagram this week in a long time. I adore instagram for it’s daily updates of what we all are up to and the adventures told through snapshots. Sometimes I just get a little discouraged that I have nothing exciting or beautiful to share or start second guessing my own gallery. That’s another reason I love this community because it makes me keep going and realize I am just being silly. I guess everyone has their bad days right?


Let's focus on life's details #lifecloseup

Would love you to join my instagram community and follow me by clicking the button below. Any great tips on getting great captures zoomed in I am all ears, leave a comment below. I am making it a goal this year to capture more clear photos and get a variety of angles and close ups more often than I do. Life is too short to let the little things pass us by, let’s focus on life’s details together!

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    • Oh thanks lovely that’s very kind of you. I am in that funk where nothing looks good and then I post something and regret it and then go back and delete it. I hate it. But hopefully its’ just the gloomy weather. I need some sun and some inspiration to like my photos again. lol Glad I am not the only one.

    • Oh gosh I know it’s killing me slowly but surely I can’t handle it. So happy for you and all the baby booming of the blogosphere lately. So exciting.

    • Oh thanks so much glad you found me. I am loving the ig community and getting to see so many new feeds too. Yes please do join in with any of your zoomed in life captures. #lifecloseup


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