Letters to Him & Her ~ #33

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writing letters to my children him & her


B, we have reached your very first half term from school. It’s been such a journey starting school and our routines changing. We finally have it all down and you were ready for a little break. Your naps were only just cut before you started school so it’s been an exhausting experience for you getting used to the long days. I normally would have had a million and one things planned for half term for us, but I think as your very first half term you needed a little down time. You needed time to catch up on sleep and get fresh air. We have been on bike rides and walks around our estate and hanging out watching movies together. I am not going to lie it’s been nice having you back home and being a trio during the day again. It feels like normal but I know that’s the old normal and I will once again have to let go of that next week when you return to school. You have been doing amazing with your homework each night after dinner. I love watching you concentrate so hard on what you are learning. You are like a sponge and I am so very proud of you.writing letters to my children him & her


MM, you are getting your own voice and your own opinions now out of the shadows of your brother. You also are getting stubborn and when I tell you, you can’t have something you like to tell the whole world not just Mommy how much you want said item. It’s been a funny stage as you are normally so quiet and easy. I fear that I just might have a tough time in toddlerville with you.  Your speech is getting amazing and it’s more clear than B’s ever was at this age. You went from saying nothing to just talking. We didn’t get that in between stage where you mess words up and say funny things the wrong way. You have finally adjusted to having B at school, only to be surprised he is home all week this week. You keep asking “brother not go to school” just to be reassured he really is staying home to play with you. I watched you two play for two hours solid with the racing track and cars whispering back and forth to each other. You both we telling your own version of your own stories together. I watch the way you look up to your brother like I do to mine and I am so grateful you have each other and I get to watch you two grow up together. 

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10 thoughts on “Letters to Him & Her ~ #33”

    • Oh she really is, she literally won’t stop hugging him. It’s hilarious and highly entertaining because B is like I love you to but what’s your problem. hahaha

    • Ahh thanks Donna, it’s not always easy and sometimes I think I have to surprise them just to capture them but I like the added candid element to it. They are better when they are in the same photo though I noticed.

  1. Such sweet photos! So lovely that your little one is talking so much, it’s wonderful when they can communicate well! Enjoy half term – we are in the same boat and trying to get as much down time as possible.

    • Thank you Sian so lovely of you to say. I love listening in on their conversations it’s hilarious. Yes I think sometimes we have added pressure to make the most of our time off and run around doing fun things but down time is needed too.

    • Thank you so much Lori that’s so lovely of you to say. I think so but I am bias it can’t be helped. I am enjoying watching them grow up so close together. I hope it never changes.


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