The way he is with them

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There is no question whether I love my husband or not or how much. I think in my case my actions speak louder than anything I could ever say and moving across the entire world, leaving all my friends and family to be with him, pretty much says just how much I do really love him. We have had a beautiful fairytale meeting back in 2007 which at times still feels so fresh and new and other times feels like a lifetime ago. My love for him is strong and forever growing if that’s even possible to love someone so completely, flaws and all. (we are human and we all have flaws).

The way he is with them Me & You January What I didn’t expect when I had children was to fall even more head over heals in love with him in a totally different way. When I first saw him holding Buba and the way he curled him up close to his face to get a good look at him. I felt it. When I watched him roll around on the floor when Buba was learning to crawl and later walk. I felt it. When I first saw him scoop up Buba so he could get a better look at Missy Moo sleeping in her bassinet. I felt it.

The way he is with them melts my heart and not at just first sight of it. The love he has for my children (yes, his children) is so powerful. It keeps filling me with love every time I see him with them. Playing with them. Teaching them. Laughing with them. Bonding with them.The way he is with them

When I found true love for myself I was selfish and only thinking how much I loved him. I never thought about the future and kids in the mix of it all. It was only until we had children of our own I fell in love with him even more for being the best father anyone could ever ask for to them. That’s what every parent wants, an equally great partner to parent along side them. Even if we were to ever to split (god forbid) I know he would always be there for them, continue to love them and work along side me to continue parenting them as a team. He always wants to be involved and present whether it is: their education, sports, church, or just family adventures.

I continue to fall in love with him in those moments when I peer over and I see him hugging and kissing them. When I see them choosing him over me, whilst secretly crushed, he is their favorite, I get why. He is my favorite too! It’s those little moments where you hear them all giggling together in the living room or running in the field ahead on our walks with smiles stretched across their faces squealing after Daddy, that make my heart skip a few beats. The way he is with them is painfully beautiful.

I always say to him never lose those Mexico eyes… we met in Mexico and the way he looked at me when he first met me was something I have never felt before. He had a twinkle in his eye. (cheesy but true) I now see that love twinkle that he gets when he walks into the house and everyone runs towards him shouting, “Daddy’s home” and embracing him in tight hugs. I hope he never loses either twinkle for any of us ever. It’s the best gift you could ever give someone and something money can never buy! He is worth being so far away from everything and everyone I know and love because he returns that same love back to me and the kids over and over again. 

Having kids with him has only made me love him even more. We start another year together, our eighth year together and it just keep getting more exciting and more adventurous together. I am excited to see what the next eight years and thereafter have in store for us both. 

“I will forever keep falling in love with you Mr P. A special day is coming our way and may we make the most of it and remember Mexico and all it brought us.”

20 thoughts on “The way he is with them”

  1. Such a sweet, tender post-can feel the love through your words. I feel exactly the same about my husband, something so wonderful about seeing the man you chose to have kids with being a great Dad. I love him more each day! You guys make a gorgeous couple. Loved this x

    • Yes I do know what you mean as mommies we want to me their number one all the time. It was hard at first but oh the love they have for their daddy and him for them is so precious. I am so grateful for it.

  2. What a wonderful post. You really did give so much up for love – but it sounds like it’s been worth every moment.

  3. Oh that’s such a gorgeous post and written with so much love. I know what you mean about the arrival of the children bringing a whole new dimension to your relationship. There was never anything missing before but I know that I absolutely adore watching H be a father – even when the girls run straight out of my lap whenever they see him!!


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