Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 22/52

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:19 pm

Surprises come at every turn,

Day by day, you both learn,

Both getting so big,

Loving to do a jig,

Music and swimming galore,

With you both, summer time won’t be a bore.

photo 4


Buba you have turned into a bully all of the sudden, which shocks Mommy as you used to be so gentle. I hope it’s just a sudden phase of mixed emotions and you soon turn back into my sweet boy. It’s not just your sister you push, shove, shout at, it’s your friends now too. I never thought that would be you. I think you are struggling with your frustrations, hyperness and learning to share. Your cars continue to be the highlight of your life. You bring them everywhere, knowing all their names from the movie. There is never a moment you aren’t carting them around to find somewhere new to park them. Like here, you were making them line up for gas on your legs. The hallway stairs are also a popular parking place. I love to watch your imagination play out with your cars, see what adventure you will take them on next. Even though you are struggling on the bullying, you still want to kiss, hug and be next to your sister. You still like to get in her bubble and know what she is doing at all times. Maybe you are just having a bad week with everything going on, so let’s hope next week is better for you and you learn to project your frustrations better. 

photo 1 


Missy Moo, you have learned to pull yourself up, to Mommy’s surprise. I didn’t think you would even attempt it for another few weeks yet. But there you were sat at the edge of the couch, grabbed it and up you went without hesitation. From that point you have pulled yourself up on everything, even things that are not stable. We never baby proofed the house with your brother but I think we just might have to baby proof it for you. You are more of an explorer. You love to go, room to room and play on your own. You now know how to climb the stairs. Mommy will have to learn to have eyes in the back of her head now and her reaction time needs a bit of practice. You are obsessed with shoes already at your tiny age. Like mother, like daughter. I can foresee us shopping in the future and hoping you have the same size feet so I can share shoes!!! Although you seem to be getting taller and taller every week and I am afraid you will be a lot taller than your short Momma here, like everyone else. 

photo 2them

You both have a new meeting place, the hallway stairs. You love to sit in front of it together and play with your various toys, whether it be shoes for Missy Moo and cars for Buba which is typical, on some occasions it’s the toy laptops you both have or the clean laundry waiting to be taken upstairs. No matter what it is, I love watching you both sitting there together, chatting away in your secret sibling language that only you two can understand. Buba I have caught you a few times trying to teach her to climb, so I now know how she is so good at it. You love to teach her new things. Today you were trying to teach her to count and it was so cute both sat indian style at the bottom of the stairs. I love overhearing those moments that you both share. It truly is a blessing to have you both in my life! 

living arrows

6 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 22/52”

  1. Lovely photos of them. Love the tip toes and the cars. Am sure the frustrations will be over soon – they go through so many developmental phases, it’s hard to keep up.

    • She is always on her tip toes keeping saying she will be a ballerina. hahaha Hope you are right on the frustration part. It really is hard to keep up !!!

    • It’s a great place to meet. When I go home to visit my momma, we always sit on the stairs and chat. Love it. Great memories and cute they are doing it too. Thanks for your loving comments.


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