Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 25/52

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Buba you are almost three soon, I can’t believe how fast the years have gone. You are creative and fun. You are entertainingly hilarious on most days. At more than half my height you look like a young boy and no longer a little tot. You have high energy like your mother. But there is one thing that remains the same since you were a baby and that is your love for cars!!! You take them everywhere you go. Driving them on park benches, sliding down the soft play area slides with them, or parking them on your own slide at home. Wherever you are, they are there with you. There is never a moment that you don’t spend trying to make a garage for them to park in or a road for them to drive on. I love your imagination, it is vast, and wide and more importantly beautiful to watch. 



Missy Moo, you are such the cuddler. Since you were born, you have snuggled right into mommy and daddy and even granny and your brother as much as you possibly can. As you get older you have found a new love of snuggling your soft toys. This Darcy Duck has become your world at the moment. You have snuggled and chew it to death. I can catch you crawling down the hallway with her arm in your mouth like a chihuahua. You flap her skirt and belly giggle out loud. You suck her peak when you are getting sleepy. She is your comfort now. Your new favorite.  I only hope I can find a spare one just in case anything ever happens to her for the sake of both of us. 



Together you find toys that are both of yours and individually yours around the house. Most of the time you share, one giving up a toy for the another but as with any sibling there are times you both just want what the other has. Missy Moo has a soft spot for those cars you love so much Buba. And Buba you like to grab her talking Peppa Pig and do a runner just to see her screech. But most of all you both normally love to trade toys, handing each other a different one in return for the one you really want. It is a clever system I must say, and one that keeps the fighting to a minimum. There are things you are always willing to share, Buba you share your monkey, the one you used to hold so dearly to your heart and Missy Moo you share your Peppa Pig the one that makes you laugh the most. I am so proud of you both of you for loving each other enough to share, may it long continue. 

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6 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 25/52”

    • Thanks hun. I usually have portraits each week of him, her, and them but since I was at BritMums I thought I should document what they love so much besides family. lol

  1. What a beautiful post Jenny. Harry has that monkey and that Peppa (as well as a love of cars). It’s really sweet how you shared pictures of their favourite things this week. x

    • I thought instead of photos of them all the time I should sometimes document what makes them smile and laugh too! With this brain I may someday forget. lol


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