Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 36/52

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Buba this week I am looking at your three year old photos were had done and thinking how did you get so big so fast. When did you become such a young little boy and no longer my baby, my first born. As I stare at these stunning photos my lovely friend Jeanne took in America on our last day on the beach, I also wonder where did my sweet boy go? I will sadly admit that I have had no patience for you this week. You have texted me beyond my limits and since Daddy is away I don’t know if you are just attacking out because of the change of coming back to the UK and him leaving right away or if it’s just a new phase you are going through. You have spoke to me in a way I never thought any of my children would ever speak to me. It was like watch something from Super Nanny today and it got me thinking have I done something wrong in my parenting skills? Have I changed something that has then made you change? Am I not being understanding enough with your frustrations after all you have really only just turned three? Maybe my expectations of a three year old are too vast and I need to rethink a thing or two either way I have been shouty mommy this week and I hate that so very much. But then you grabbed my face at bedtime, kissed my cheek and said, “I will be good Mommy…” then you brushed my cheek with your hand and said, “I promise.” I cried then and it is about to make the tears come again. How can you be so gentle and caring and yet I know there is a beast in you lately too. I just hope I am doing what’s best for you and this will just fade like all phases before them. Nevertheless, I look at these pictures and you fill me up with pure joy!


Missy Moo, you little climber, would you get off the stairs! Everywhere we go you want to go up the stairs, down the stairs, then back up again. If I remove you and say “No!” you laugh at me and think it’s a game and go for them again. I will say you are one determined little lady. I only wish our stairs were designed differently so I could put a gate up! I am loving your one year photos that we taken. You are a true beach baby and I sat wondering what you could possibly be pondering so deeply at your age in your little white chair. Let’s not get started on how much you love miniature chairs. I am in the process of looking for one for you as you play for hours and hours at Grandma’s going up in it and sitting down then getting back down and doing it all over again. Too funny to watch you from afar these days and the little things that mesmerise you. You are so great on your feet these days. The days of worn out leggings and torn tights are gone! Hurray! I am still enjoying your cuddles everyday I hope you never grow out of that.


You both are so adventurous. I love that you both love the beach as much as mommy and daddy too. Makes me look forward to the many vacations we will have all together on the beach and every summer at grandma’s! This week you both have been challenge me to my very core and making me question all my parenting skills or lack thereof. The tantrums and divas actions from you Missy Moo and the preteen attitude from you Buba, together is a deadly weapon. I look forward to Sunday when Daddy is home again and I have the extra hands on deck! I now know I had it so easy with an easy baby and toddler but two tots that’s definitely been something I need to learn to cope with better.  I don’t think its fair to you both though there have been other factors involved, here is where I will make excuses. You both have jetlag. You both have colds. You both have had no swimming, sign language, soft play, music classes at all this week. You both have been in the house due to colds and jetlag for five days straight until yesterday which is bound to make us all crazy. Let’s hope for a better week next week!

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  1. Jenny I remember having high hopes for the age of three with JJ as my sister’s mother in law always used to say ‘three is the age of reason’ but I disagree! Myself and lots of people I know think three is worse than two as they are more knowing but still don’t have control of their emotions. I say three is the age of *understanding* but four is the age of reason. I think you’re right though – the current situation will have added to the behavioural issues! I really believe that kids thrive on routine and change or disruption can make the crazy! We also have a climber in EJ and never had stairgates on some quite steep stairs. He is now two and only just had a fall on the stairs for the first time the other day but he was fine. I think they learn to be careful when there are no easy safety options in place which is better in some ways. JJ is now five and has never had a fall. The pictures are beautiful. X

    • Thanks Sam I was thinking the same three is worse than two for sure! lol You made me feel so much better. Ya we never used gates or safety options for Buba but everytime I turn around she is up those stairs. hahaha Got to keep a close eye on her. lol

  2. Oh Jenny. I think they have to challenge us like this sometimes. H was really awful to me on Saturday after we picked him up from the in laws. I have to keep reminding myself he’s only 2.5 and really didn’t mean it (I hope). That made me well up when he said he’d be good. hold onto that sweet moment. I adore the pictures, especially the bottom one! Gorgeous 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am glad I am not the only one that resorts in tears sometimes. They are so young and I am sure H didn’t know! 😉 Thanks for your lovely words.


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