Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 8/52

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

He came first, 

Brought us new love,

We never knew existed,

She came next,

Fulfilling the rest of our hearts,

We then felt complete,

Together you completed us,

Together you made our lives real,

We have you both,

Forever to hold,

To love and cherish,

For the rest of our days.


Buba is still in his cotbed. Yes, I know, he should be in a big boy bed now that he is two. It does turn into a single bed I just haven’t found the little key to change it yet and maybe a little procrastination too. His cotbed is huge, I see no reason I need to take the sides off just yet. He has his whole life to sleep in a big boy bed, I don’t think I am ready to let him grow up just yet. Its hard moving onto the next stage and saying goodbye to him being my baby. He will always be my baby. Not to mention he loves his cot. Buba is a very particular baby, I can foresee when the sides do eventually come off he will be in full panic mode begging me to put them back, because that’s what he is used to. His personality and ability to make choices is really coming out now.


Missy Moo is so much like her brother when it comes to sleeping, they both are amazing sleepers. She loves her cot just as much as Buba does. If I ever need to put laundry away or settle her for a nap or bedtime, she will happily lay there, smiling up at her birdie mobile or me. I love that they both feel safe and comfortable in their beds.


I love that their personalities are so very different, they compliment each other; where one’s weakness is the other’s strength and the other’s strength is the other’s weakness. I hope they will learn from each other and help each other along life’s great adventure.

One thing they have in common is their cheekiness. Buba is always tickling and making Missy Moo laughing uncontrollably at his silliness. They pull toys away from each other only to hand them back seconds later then laugh about it. They have an inside language that no one else is a part of, like the photo above, I still have no clue why they both were laughing so hard by just looking at each other.

14 thoughts on “Milestones of him, her, them ~ living arrows 8/52”

  1. Aww they’re so sweet together. I love it when little ones set each other off giggling and you have no idea what’s so funny but they think it’s hilarious – it’s always so lovely to hear their laughter!

    • I agree Carie, I wish I could record their laughter and have it as my ring tone on my phone. Do people still do ringtones on their phones, I am so uncool. lol hahaha Always on the trend after it ended. I swear my two have their own silent language. Its so unfair leaving mommy and daddy out of the loop. lol

    • Thank you! Do they still play together and are close? I often wonder is it just a phase while they are both so little. lol I hope they are close when they grow up. I am really close with my siblings. I think it’s a great feeling and a good bond to have. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.

  2. There is just something so precious about watching siblings together. I only have Luca but I love watching him play with my niece. The relationship they have is so different to the ones he has with friends. There is just something there, it’s like some secret that only they know. Your little lady is very lucky to have such a loving older brother, they are going to have so much fun growing up together. Lovely photos.

    • Hi Franki, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes I completely agree with you. I think it’s great to have a big overprotective brother too! I had a few, lucky me. Thanks for commenting, hope to see you again soon.

  3. Oh Jenny, they are such sweethearts and utterly adorable. I love seeing their blossoming relationship captured each week and totally agree with siblings having the perfect balance of personalities. xxx #livingarrows

    • Thank you Vikki. I know I didn’t realize how different two siblings could be but so close. It’s definitely bittersweet. I am loving your blog too my lovely. Off to read more. 😉

    • Thanks Amy. I always write them a poem each week for Living Arrows. I love writing poetry. I do have all my poems in categories about parenting, kids, life, blogging, you name it I write a poem about it. lol If you like poetry check it out. I love pictures of them together, you can really see in their eyes that they adore each other. I am so lucky. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Lovely photos, and so striking in black and white too. It’s amazing how children just fill up your heart, don’t know where I’d be without mine now. x

    • Thanks Lucy, I was disappointed in the outcome of the pictures. They both were so happy in their beds I thought I would capture it but for some reason the last two weeks all my pictures are out of focus and blurry. Feel like I am back to square one with my camera. grrr. But nevertheless most of my favorite moments with my two are blurry pictures because they happen that quick its either catch them blurry or not at all because they will be gone and I want to enjoy them along the way. lol 😉 If that makes any sense. haha


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