Love the little things #14

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

Life can be as lovely as you want it to be!


I have been really trying to push myself to learn my MANUAL mode on my new digital SLR camera. It’s not a fast journey, there is so much to learn. So this week I have been reading this book that was gifted to me, to help me out.



I have been watching Buba pretending to be like his Daddy, all week. From rolling his pant legs up on the lounge chair outside to tan, to running around in Daddy’s work shoes, it’s been bittersweet watching him idolize his father.



Band Perry – Postcard From Paris
This is one of my favorite groups, a lot of their music crosses from country to pop. Great for the car!


This week I made our all time favorite, Vegetable Beef Stew in the Crockpot (Slow cooker). It great because not only is it easy, and super healthy, as it’s made with vegetable juice, it is perfect for Buba and Missy Moo too! Nothing is better than one meal for the whole family! I hate making up separate meals for everyone! Click the picture for this fantastic recipe and let me know what you think!stewbaby&tot


With the sun out and Mr P off work, this week, we took a family trip to Martin Mere Wildlife Refuge. Leave it to me to find a place to buy another new scarf in such a place, but I did! I really do think I have a fetish. I love owls and was just thinking the other day I need a navy scarf, and poof one appeared in the gift shop at the refuge. Imagine my luck!


And lastly…

Speaking of Martin Mere Wildlife Refuge, what a great family day out we had. We have never been and we were unsure with both our kids so young if they would like it but they loved it. We all did. There is so much there for the whole family to enjoy. Even the old fashion sweets that Mr P spent a small fortune stock piling. We are loving Daddy being home this week for some good ole fashion family fun.IMG_0590rs  

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16 thoughts on “Love the little things #14”

  1. Gorgeous family photo! Love the scarf and I am a huge fan of The Band Perry! Loved your Love The Little Things this week!

    • Thank you Anna Marie. You are the first to say you like Band Perry or any country of mine. Hurray! I love this linky. It’s a nice round up of the entire week, especially if followers were busy and didn’t get a chance to read each post of the week it’s a little summary of it, sort of. 🙂

    • Oh no, Hannah never give up. I am starting to see the difference but only just. haha It’s very time consuming. Thanks I am loving the scarf. So soft!!! randomly ran into a lady that had it on too in starbucks. I almost wanted to say which garden centre or wildlife refuge were you at! ahahhaa

  2. Ooooo I love that scarf! And the family photo is beautiful.
    The book looks interesting too. I hope the tips are helpful xx

  3. I love that scarf, so cute!

    I remember going to Martin Mere as a kid, but always forget how close it us to us. So nice when Daddy is around, we’re off for a family weekend tomorrow and I can’t wait! xx

    • Thank you it’s slowly becoming a favorite. I love owls. Oh enjoy your family weekend! Look forward to reading about it. Is it close to you? We will have to do a Martin Mere meet up someday! 😉

  4. Aw, love the family photo. Has Mr P signed off on letting you put his face on your blog then? haha 😉
    You know that I am relying on you to learn all this camera stuff ready for when I get one so you can teach me right?
    Love your scarf, you can never have enough scarves in my opinion! xxx

    • No, shhh he has been busy and not reading the blog, I thought I would throw one or two out there while I can. hahahaha Oh dear the pressure to teach. haha Of course I will share my knowledge but wait until I am really good. Glad someone thinks like me scarves are the best.

  5. I’m in the same boat as you-trying to get to grips with the camera. Got a nikon d3200 & literally just use it on auto at the moment! Lovely scarf, makes your stunning eyes really pop. & family time is the best! xx

    • Thank you katrina, you are too sweet as always. The scarf is slowly becoming my favorite. Yes I have a longer way to go on the manual side of things. But it does make better photos.


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