Love the little things #16

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:16 pm

Is the cup half full or half empty?…. always half full in this house.


I mentioned a few times how I am trying to learn Spanish and teach my children a second language. At first, it was easy to teach them numbers, colors, shapes, and little words here and there. As we learn together, I was at their same level. But kids are like sponges and learn so much quicker than old Mommy here. So this week I have been hitting the Spanish books hard to keep my education one step in front of them. Not an easy task I might add but it’s something that has been on my bucket list my whole life.


I have been sitting next to Missy Moo in anticipation for her to pull herself up and take a step. She much prefers holding Mommy’s pinky and walking around the house than to try crawling forward. She stands at the couch holding onto the edge and I am just waiting for her to turn and take that first step. My camera is ready to capture it. I was lucky enough to video most of Buba’s first milestones in the same way. Although it does mean a lot of watching and waiting….but I am ok with that to capture that special moment.



We finally broke down and bought Frozen and Buba keeps asking me, “sing the songs Mommy pease?” So I found them on YouTube for him as I can’t really belt it out when we have friends over. Even though I secretly don’t mind doing it  when it’s just us. Although it wasn’t a good sign when I woke up yesterday singing in my head, “the cold never bothered me anyway”. I think it’s time for a new Disney Movie already, perhaps Monsters University next.


It’s been a week full of making things, from Easter cookies, Easter baskets, homemade soups, to other mini projects around the house. Buba is finally at that age where he will sit longer than ten minutes and concentrate on mini craft projects. Here are two of the many things we made this week. Click each picture to find out more.



Missy Moo is wearing her very first pair of jeans. She has had the odd pair of jeggings but hadn’t strutted jeans yet. These jeans from Next have the relaxed skinny shape which was so cute and matched the pair Mommy bought for herself from Next too.  Although it made her look so very grown up and I may have shedded a tear or two. Why can’t they stay babies longer?


And lastly…

I have been working on my Pinterest boards, getting them better organized and updated. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here and let me know what you think? If you are  not on Pinterest yet, I shared “How to set up Pinterest for your blog” yesterday. I didn’t think it would make much difference but just in 24 hours of organizing and linking my posts, I have experienced a lot of repinning and sharing going on. I wish I would have done this months ago.


16 thoughts on “Love the little things #16”

  1. Love the pics 🙂 What have you used for the watermarks?

    Honestly I look at you in awe, the amount you do on the blog and in real life. Honestly have no idea how you do it. You must be like a little duracell bunny!


    • hahaha You are too sweet. I wouldn’t be in awe of me I just don’t sleep. hahaha I am sure it will catch up with me someday. But every minute of every day is planned and organized with something whether it’s for family time, projects fun time, park time, dinner time, mr p time, etc. So that everything is balanced. Yes I guess I am sort of like a duracell bunny. lol

  2. I am addicted to Pinterest! The app is lethal! I find myself on it ALL the time!! Learning a language thats different must be really hard! Good for you for giving it a go!!

    • I agree, the app is very very lethal. Sometime before bed I will hop on to find something really quick and won’t realize I have been sat there on it for over an hour before bed Silly me.

  3. Jenny, you make me tired just reading about all that you get up to. It’s 9:15 here and we’ve only just crawled out of bed and that’s only because O said he was hungry.
    Definitely going to have a read of your Pinteret post, I’m a bit clueless with it. I love Next jeans too, they’re become my new fave.
    Hope you’re having a love Easter bank holiday weekend so far xxx

    • Ahhhh you are too sweet. I am just a busy body that’s all. Probably drive my children crazy with all my todos and organising things out for every minute of every day. On you must try Pinterest out. Forewarning it’s addictive. Happy Easter.

    • I know it makes me so sad how fast she is growing. She is my last baby and this is hard for me to let her grow up. I am far from superwoman. I wish. But thank you hunny.

  4. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a copy of Frozen soon too, I can’t wait to see it!

    I’ve followed you on Pinterest, I’ll take a look at your boards later when I’ve some more time 🙂 x

  5. You are seriously like superwoman to me: how on earth you manage to fit all of this into your week (along with your aHmazing blog) i will never understand! I think we’re going to have to buy frozen very soon…
    lovely post xx

  6. Well done with learning Spanish. We started once but didn’t get very far…due to laziness. Good luck with it.
    The sweet potato soup sounds really yummy! xx

    • Thanks Lauren, I know I keep slacking on certain weeks and getting mad at myself and trying to catch up again. lol Human nature I think. The sweet potato soup turned out really good I love it because you can literally throw anything into it if you don’t have the ingredients.


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