Love the little things #45

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:59 am

Is it Friday? I am losing track of days with this cold that has plagued me for the last week and knocked me down pretty hard this time. Poor Missy Moo has two severe ear infections and a chest infection so it’s been a barrel of laughs in our house this week. I don’t even remember writing a few of my posts this week might be a sign I took too much Night Nurse. lol 

Well, let’s forget all about that, I like to pretend I am not sick when I really am and I am presently sitting on the train to London to meet some lovely friends for dinner tonight and it’s BlogFest tomorrow so I best buck up quick. It’s time to stop griping and starting sharing the #littleloves I love so much this week.


Whilst I still haven’t found any new books to read yet, I have read a ton of amazing posts this week on Share With Me. So many so that I won’t be able to pick the favorite feature for next week but I thought I would share them here with all of you because they are worth mentioning.

Mumturnedmom – My Favourite Season 
Life At The Little Wood – Another Morning 

There were so many more I haven’t even got to yet but it’s been great reading this week! Amazing writings ladies. 


I love a little Olly Murs since the first time I saw him on X-factor. He has a corky sound and always good beats and I came across this the other day.


On top of the numerous USA dramas I share so often with you all I can’t recommend Scandal highly enough. Once you think where could this story go they throw you for a loop and have you wanting more week in and week out. It’s no surprise that that same creator is from Grey’s Anatomy another one of my all time favorites. I have been catching up on them this week while also watching a lot of the back of my eyelids. It’s one thing I really need to work on is getting more sleep. 


I was going for more of a casual look this week being sick. The curls have been pulled back into a low ponytail pretty much everyday. I am loving my new warehouse sweater that is crocheted down the sleeves and the sweater actually has a silver glitter to it but hard to see in the photo. If you have been watching me on IG you probably noticed my go-to black patent boots. They are from New Look like five years ago and year after year I rely on them and they still look new. Bargain of a century as I almost bought similar ones at Dune for three times the price of these. My two golden necklaces are from River Island. I love layering necklaces and bracelets. You can really create so many different looks with them. 

fall fashion


Each week I attempt to work on my food styling and food photography. I am starting to finally collect a little more props in the house so that always helps now if only I could add a few more windows to my walls I would be set. These are my White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Swirls. It only happened by accident to add the white chocolate chips and pumpkin pie spice to it when I realized what was in the cupboard but they actually turned out better than my normal cinnamon swirls so I think I will now always make them like this. I love when a new recipe forms out of nowhere.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Swirls Recipe

And lastly…

I was ever so excited to hear my lovely bloggy friend Lucy was coming up to visit her in-laws that live near me. It was the first chance we have had to get our whole families together for a playdate. It’s always nerve racking when you mix more than just yourself with a whole other family. You beg that your kids will be on the best behavors and the best versions of themselves. You hope the kids will get along and the husbands will have enough in common to have a man chat with each other. I already loved Lucy and it really couldn’t have gone any better than it did.

We went to our local park with the kids and hubbies in tow. We overfed the ducks & swans or I should say the boys rather quickly fed them a whole loaf of bread together. After kicking the ball and some giant leaves around, we strolled through the woods for a walk. The boys went hand in hand which was so adorable and the girls stuck to their daddies while Lucy and I chatted and chased after them all.  

friendship good friendsIMG_6549


We had a lovely lunch all together afterwards which was great because it gave us more time to catch up. It’s hard to get into big conversations whilst we chase our tots around the park and feed the ducks & swans. Those swans can be brutal and the boys were getting closer and closer by the minute making us mothers very nervous. 

We even got to sneak away while the kids took their naps with their daddies and go grab a coffee just the two of us. I knew when I met Lucy that she would be a great friend to have. I wasn’t wrong. After Lucy left I really started thinking about how much my blog has changed my life in the UK for the better.

I have been here seven years and in the course of that seven years I have struggled to make the UK a home, a place that has memories of both family and friends. I have made a few great friends in those years but people live busy lives.Obviously adding my two tots to our family has helped me but it wasn’t until I started blogging and making friends through my blog that I started feeling less lonely and homesick. Not only does my concentration focus on what’s next on my blog instead of what is everyone doing back home but it makes me stop looking back in the past in America and start looking forward to the future here in the UK. 


21 thoughts on “Love the little things #45”

  1. Although I haven’t started watching Scandal yet, the woman behind Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy also has a new show ‘How to get away with murder’ – Amazing! x

  2. A really sweet post. Firstly I am sorry you are ill, I really hope that you are tucked up in bed as I write this t (9.27pm). Secondly I am glad that blogging has bought about a sense of ‘home’ for you. I can’t imagine how tough it is when settling into a new country, making friends then having little ones. How amazing is this online blogging world. You were the 2nd person to help my blog and I will always be grateful for that. Hopefully see you tomorrow, either in person or if not a wave through the crowds x

  3. Great post!! I love your boots!!! I’m glad you got to meet up with Lucy, I have a friend who I met online and it is so amazing when you first get to meet! Glad you got to have just you two time too 🙂

  4. So sorry you have been ill!! Sounds horrendous.. Hope Missy Moo is better than she was too! I have not watched Scandal, Maybe I should, I love Shonda’s work! Great round up of Little Loves! Have a lovely weekend at Blogfest!

    • Thanks babes. I hope to get better soon too. I am so sick of coughing literally. Missy moo is stronger than her momma she is doing loads better alreasy. Yes check scandal out.

  5. I love New Look for shoes, especially as I’m a shoe scraper. Guaranteed to scuff every pair of shoes I own so at least of they weren’t too expensive I’m not too devastated.
    Hope you’re feeling much better now and had a great time at Blogfest! xx

  6. So gutted I missed out on hanging out with Lucy when she was up! Of all the weekends it had to be one when we were down south!
    Those pumpkin and white choc swirls look amazing, I’ll be heading over for a coffee and one of them very soon, 😉 haha xx

  7. I hope everyone is feeling better now and you had a great time at blogfest, it is great to catch up with blogging friends isn’t it, to think we would have never met these people if they hadn’t started writing about themselves and some of them are our best friends. #pocolo


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