Love the little things #6

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:50 pm

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone. Happy Friday everyone! I think I couldn’t have scheduled one more thing in this week, if I tried.


The Grumpy Dieter’s Handbook is a funny take on all the diets we all have tried and failed a million times and a few new ones added. It’s a good summary of each one if you do fancy attempting various diets, like I do. 😉



Mr. P. and I went to the movies for the first time in years. We made a big deal of it, with the big size popcorn, and the large hot cocoas from Starbucks on the way in, and sat in our big VIP seats to watch “American Hustle”. To be honest, I know it got lots of raves in the reviews and I do agree there was some fantastic acting in it – but I wasn’t too impressed with the overall story. A little too slow moving for my liking.


This week I was trying to record my son saying that he was 2, for his American Namma, instead I got him playing shadow (copycat) with me and basically telling me no more. Listen to this:


I made delicious cupcakes today because you never need an excuse to make cupcakes. Sometimes it just brightens your day a little more, and that’s enough of an excuse for me. These were special cupcakes, too, no not that time of special. I did a review for Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder and these had the lovely added ingredient that supposedly will make me burner more calorie, give me more energy, among a million other fantastic benefits. It can be put in anything. Have a peak!


I am wearing my Joules wellies this week, I got them at Cheshire Oaks a while back for a great bargain. With all this rain, there is nothing more suitable for my feet. I never can have enough stripes either, whether it’s my clothes, scarves, hats and even my wellies, I love stripes. (Excuse the mud we were puddle jumping.)


And lastly..

I am very honored to be mentioned on BritMums website by the lovely Actually Mummy. I am a new blogger and the support from more experienced bloggers is amazing. It truly is a great community feel to it when you first start up and everyone for the most part has been so helpful, if I have had a question or needed guidance. So thank you all!

11 thoughts on “Love the little things #6”

    • Thanks Hannah, they are so comfortable too. I can and have walked many miles in these, although you definitely have to purchase Wellie Socks with them so cozy. I have never heard of wellie socks before now. Oh you can’t beat cupcakes, no way. They are yummy, had one for breakfast with my coffee.Thanks for the bloglovin’ follow and stopping by, hope to see more of you here. 😉

  1. The Grumpy Dieter’s Handbook looks great! I think I’ll be ordering a couple of copies for my friend and I as we continue to struggle on our path to thinness. I’m thinking after 32 years, that God made me fat, so I should just deal with it! haha … and everyone is sporting Joules wellies, I’m so jealous! x

    • If you like the Joules wellies get yourself to Cheshire Oaks or a Joules outlet online, they are a great bargain. I think their website has the outlet sales have a look. It’s funny and handy because it gives you the break down of every diet. I just choose a different one each week. hahaha


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