Maternity Clothes, a Book Trilogy and new Giveaway #littleloves

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:51 pm

What a week…is it the weekend yet? 

For many that saw my instagram posts you will know it’s been a tough one for me. Hackers got into our wifi and all our devices in the house and left their mark. Bank accounts, money, work, five years work of memories were deleted, virus infected and lost forever. All those first walk videos I had of both kids, first words, photos of me pregnant with both of them, both as babies together, are all gone. It’s heart breaking what hackers can do when you think you are protected. It’s crazy how much security we had to put in place on top of our McAfee to ensure it won’t happen again. They even wiped my external hard drive then left it not working with a virus because it was plugged in to back up my computer. That’s gone too. With kids ipads and tablets and smartphones and laptops and home computers we ended up paying hundreds to get it all sorted back out and safe. I learned a valuable lesson don’t be naive and just think you are safe make sure you are safe and secure.

With that I am very ill so instead of moaning I will share the things I am loving this week to focus on some positivity. It is, after all, Christmas time!


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I have been so sick with sinusitis and an ear infection this week so I plowed right through book two on Smoke and Bone Trilogy. I am a few chapters in to this big last book of the series. It’s a sci-fantasy series, so think like Lord of the Rings style. I like switching from thrillers, chic lit to sci-fantasy and back again. It keeps reading interesting and the pages turning. It will take me all of Christmas I think as this one is huge but so full of drama and deception. 

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Have you heard what’s just around the corner??? No, I am not talking about Christmas. Hahaha It’s my birthday! Each year, it feels more weird to make a fuss of my birthday when it’s right next to Christmas. While this has always been the case, it just doesn’t feel the same after 30 and having kids. Birthdays don’t get celebrated in the way they used to with parties and presents. Since I am already getting lots of quality family time for Christmas, my birthday on boxing day is just another day. Anyone else feel like birthdays after 30 are a bit weird?

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Have you watched Part 1 of my Second Trimester? It’s been going so fast.  I can’t believe we are almost half way through my third pregnancy. At 19 weeks now, I am growing rapidly. I am loving sharing this baby journey with all of you.

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I am fully in maternity clothes now or just stretching out my normal clothes beyond repair. I have fallen in love with Jojo Maman Bebe maternity wear. These lovely lot below, sweater and skinny jeans and the most comfortable and not granny looking maternity bra have been my staple go to outfit for a week. Warm, cozy, comfortable and still stylish. I have a huge maternity shopping haul to share with you next week, so keep watch.  

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Did you catch my delicious and festive Rice Krispy Christmas Tree Treats this week? They are so fun to make with the kids and so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them but of course, we did and very quickly too. No goodies ever last in this house at Christmas, and forget putting them in front of the pregnant lady of the house. They will disappear. 

Rice Krispy Treats Christmas Trees recipe for kids

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I love instagram, even with all it’s constant changes and forever frustrating ways of trying to gain more followers because I love photography. I have to remind myself this is why I love it. I love pouring over other feeds and their styles. It can be family, fashion, interiors, food, I love looking at them all. Each week, it gets harder and harder to showcase just nine favorite feeds for you to check out because I love them all in their own way. It’s still painful logarithms or not, an amazing social media network. Click the photo for these feeds or click below to follow me. 


I have a fun giveaway for you this holiday season, in fact in the new year you will see more giveaways for all you loyal readers to have a chance to win some fab prizes. It’s only right I give back to those that continue to support me and come back time and time again. It means the world to me!!! 

Today, you could WIN a BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat and your choice between five different styles too. I think this would be perfect for that extra car spare or traveling with your kids. They follow up in gorgeous little matching carry bags too. 


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  1. Oh my gosh, that hack sounds so upsetting and stressful 🙁 I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas. Those krispie trees look awesome. I’m pinning them for next year.

  2. Have been intersted in getting some of these as I have 3 kids who all need boosters or car seats and space is a big issues, these sound great for 2 of the 3 and I reckon would make much more space available for them if used instead of their big bulky boosters


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