Mattress shopping nightmares

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We recently realized that the mattress we bought for our master bedroom was not a good fit for us. After four years of tossing and turning, sore backs and sleepless nights we thought we would go shopping for a new mattress and see if that helps. The first time around we went with the cheapest one which was a huge mistake. Not knowing anything about mattress we were clueless how to find the right one for us.

First we had to figure out which kind we wanted, soft, medium, firm then there is pillow top, various pocket sprung styles or box springs never mind the endless fabrics and stitching options. It’s like you have to be a professional mattress engineer to even know what you are getting yourself into, literally.

Mattress buying nightmares Bruno UK

That’s what happened to Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer when they had mattress shopping nightmare then came together to engineer a mattress design that fits all sleeping types. You no longer have to try to attempt mattress lingual. They started a company called Bruno in Germany and they now have launched in the UK.

Bruno mattress covers are made of 100% cotton and a zipper to remove for easy washing. I know I can’t take my mattress cover off to wash it. This is fantastic especially when toddlers like to climb in bed and sleep with Mommy and Daddy. You never know when there could be an illness or an accident in the bed. Under the cover there is a latex layer of 100% natural rubber making weight distribution premium and air ventilating easy.The foam core has seven zones in high density to create a long lifespan. Now, can you understand all that lingual, I know I can. It’s common sense.

My biggest failure at buying us a good mattress, the first time, was that I didn’t find a place where I could test it out first. A trial is key. Every single person has a different way of sleeping and a different opinion on what is comfortable. I would have known right away with our old mattress that Mr P and I do not like firm mattresses and could have returned it. Bruno has a 30 days testing period and you can return without any questions at their expense. I like the sound of that.

Mattress shopping shouldn’t become a nightmare with so much mattress lingual to learn before buying. I am only sad we have already bought our new mattress before I found out about Bruno’s new launch to the UK. They have a 10 year guarantee and free shipping which neither came with my new mattress. I now feel cheated.

Mattress buying nightmares Bruno UK

You don’t realize how important a good night sleep is nor how much your mattress affects your sleep. Sleep is vital to a healthy, happy life. What are you sleeping on? Have you had a mattress shopping nightmare like I have? I would love to hear your mattress buying stories, comment below. Are you the type to go to furniture stores and jump on every bed available? Or like me, do you walk in and buy the one on sale that looks the part for your master bedroom and regret it later?


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  1. Yes, I am currently in a mattress nightmare! I purchased a handmade Burgess mattress last month in medium tension for £800. There were holes in the cover when it arrived but we were told buy the seller to use it (with mattress protection) and he would contact Burgess to discuss. 4 weeks later and no one had picked it up for repair. In the meantime I’ve developed really bad upper back pain after sleeping and think the mattress is too firm. It seemed ok initially but now it certainly is causing the pain….I am tossing and turning all night and can’t wait to get out of it in the morning. I checked the guarantee and it only covers repair of faults for 10yrs. I have been told there is no return available because we have made the wrong choice. I’m extremely upset. I went back to the showroom where we had tried the mattress out on 2 occasions and a different salesman told me that it is a FIRM Mattress (even though it claims to be medium) and that he didn’t get on with it and found it too hard! He was 6ft tall! I was not given this info before we bought it and I’m only just under 7 stone in weight. It is due to be picked up for repair the day after tomorrow.

    • Oh bless you it’s never good when the mattress doesn’t work as we spent half our life sleeping. We have been through so many mattress nightmares ourselves. I really hope they repair it and the new one is better. We have learned always go one softer than the label says so we go for very very super soft mattresses now.

      • They put a different organic cotton cover on it which is very very slightly more flexible and said they’d added a layer of wool under the cover but unfortunately it’s made no difference. It’s the springs that are too firm. Im in agony with upper back pain. I would never spend such a large amount or buy a handmade mattress ever again. Bad experience all round and the cost of a family holiday for us unfortunately.

  2. I’ve never heard of a Bruno mattress. I’ve tried the nectar sleep and eve mattresses but found them way too thin and flimsy as my partner is quite a heavy man. This one looks a lot better. The thing that worries me is the build up of dust as I suffer from asthma and this can cause me major problems. You haven’t mentioned anything here but do you know if they have layer infused with charcoal or anything like that? Some mattresses do, but they cost about 3 times the price of this Bruno one.


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