How to Create the Perfect Family Home

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 10:04 am

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Chances are your family home isn’t perfect – at least not yet! There are always one or two issues with your family home that could be resolved or upgrades you could make to increase the comfort and value of the property. Creating a perfect family home is not an overnight project; you need to allow plenty of time for it and make the right changes to support property goals. 

Family Spaces 

Homes have changed from the old days. Older homes tend to have small boxy living spaces in an attempt to make the most use of the space available; it also served the cultures of past generations. Nowadays, there is a trend towards open-plan living and more space for families. 

Even if you live in an older home, you can create open-plan spaces by installing a modern kitchen or knocking through a wall. On the other hand, you could move to a modern home that is already set up for a family living. Expect open-plan living rooms, open-plan kitchen, and more. 

Private Spaces 

Open-plan collective spaces might be the norm in modern homes, but there is also the need for private spaces too. Individual family members need to have private rooms to live and work in or to retreat from socializing. Again, modern homes have these in abundance, especially upstairs. 

If you don’t have any private spaces built into your home, you can create them quite easily; consider a book nook corner where family members can escape into their favorite titles, or what about a garden room that is far enough away from home? There are plenty of great options. 

Games Rooms 

Many homes have bonus rooms built in. Usually, a bonus room is installed by a property owner to increase the home’s value and make it more appealing to buyers, but of course, there is always the fun of using the bonus room as well. Games rooms are ideal for all family members. 

Th perfect place for a games room is in the basement or in the garage. A games room can be built around a favorite game like video games or pool, or it can contain a broad selection of games for general entertainment. If you have some game lovers in your family, install one. 

Home Office 

Family homes don’t run on nothing; there have to be one or two income streams, at least. With the majority of people working from home these days, a home office is an indispensable room to have in the home. Not only does it give you a place to work, but it increases the home’s value.

Home offices can be built in different locations, you can renovate a bedroom for a spacious home office, but they can also be built in large closets. The main things to keep in mind when choosing a room for your home office are the amount of natural light and the amount of space. 

Home Gym 

If you want to create a perfect family home, consider installing a home gym. Again, a great place for a home gym is in the basement of your home, where the floor is solid, and the air is a little cooler. Home gyms can be installed anywhere, but they work best in the basement areas.

Home gyms are practical and help you save money on gym subscriptions, and they don’t have to be extravagant either; a home gym can consist of a bench and some free weights. That said, the more sophisticated the gym is, the more value and buyer appeal it will provide to your home. 

Storage Space 

Clutter is one of the most stressful aspects of the home; that’s because clutter draws the eyes in various directions at once, creating some confusion and stress. Unfortunately, clutter is also very common in the home, it can get out of control easily, and you need somewhere to put it. 

Every family home needs plenty of storage space, so make sure you buy some in or create it with some clever home alterations. Smart storage space can be created using hollow stools and containers that go on top of cabinets or underneath the beds. Use closets to stack items smartly. 

Outdoor Space 

Outdoor space might not be used much in the winter months, even though it is still nice to look at through the windows, but in the spring and summer months, you want a nice outdoor space for your family to play, gather, and socialize in. Still, creating the space might be for summer. 

It’s sensible to work on your home periodically. In the winter, you might want to carry out some renovation work for the festive season, and in the summer, you will want to install a new garden patio or landscape the garden. A garden room is also a cost-effective home installation idea.  

Front Door 

When you are up[grading your home and turning it into the ideal family home, you need to keep two things in mind, how does this change benefit my family in the short term, and how does this change increase the value of the home so that you can get a higher market price when selling.  

The front door is a key consideration. The front door determines your curb appeal and makes the first impression on buyers. If you want a beautiful family home to drive up to, then install  Accoya external front doors; they make your home more perfect and help fetch a higher price. 

Interior Decoration 

Don’t forget about interior decoration when it comes to creating the perfect family home. Interior decoration is very subjective, and you will probably have to enlist the help of your family members to get it right; but remember, interior decoration is flexible and subject to change. 

No matter what interior decor styles you choose, make sure you create some accent walls here and there so that you can change the atmosphere in your home easily. When spring arrives, you might want to change the color to match the season, which is quite easy with accent walls. 


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