Mia Tui Amelie Tote Review

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Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

Mia Tui’s motto is “a bag for all reasons” and it really couldn’t be more fitting. They provide so many versatile styles, sizes and colors you are sure to find something you need and love at the same time. Whether you have small children like myself or just want a stylish work or gym bag, I can’t recommend them enough. I have had the pleasure of owning a Sofia everyday bag from Mia Tui in the past and still love it to this day.  But as my family grows and I now have two little ones instead of one, I was on the look out for something bigger, more efficient, and still stylish. I was lucky enough to get to test the Mia Tui Amelie Tote which is the perfect tote for me, for numerous reasons. Let me tell you why…

Not only did I need a bag that could now carry double the baby stuff for everyday but I needed a bag that could really take on the challenge of carrying both of my children’s necessities when we went for family days out and especially for traveling. Before the Amelie Tote came into our lives, I was having to carry two diaper bags on a plane with two children in tow on my own. This is a HUGE task in it’s self let me tell you. Let’s not mention the looks I got from other passengers. I swear they were whispering “pack camel” under their breaths at times. The Amelie has really stepped up for me in this case because I no longer have to carry two diaper bags anywhere, ever again. My back thanks you Mia Tui.

I was really excited when we booked our vacation to Center Parcs. It was a great opportunity to really test the Amelie Tote and put it up to some challenges.

First Challenge: 

Could your bag fit all this and still have room? Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

 We would be in the car for quite some time traveling up to Center Parcs so we needed to make sure we not only had entertainment and snacks but the necessity things for children, extra outfits and medicine at hand. You wouldn’t want the recently potty trained toddler to have an accident and have to dig to the bottom of the trunk for his suitcase to change clothes nor a linky diaper causing you to do the same. Cuts out a lot of frustration when you can just have it right next to you.Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bagWhen I lined up everything that I wanted to pack in my new bag for two, I wasn’t sure I would actually get it all in. But it passed the first challenge of our vacation and was more than up for the next challenge too.  First impressions are usually always right. Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bagYou can see below I actually had room left over. Don’t you worry I never leave a room, it was quickly filled with their hat, gloves and scarves for the wintery woods we were about to explore. I would rather be over prepared then under prepared.

Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

There are so many various, handy pockets in this bag, everything has a special place, and where it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Other large bags usually have one or two pockets but the rest gets lost in the middle, leaving you to dig franticly for what you need at the time or empty half your contents just to see what’s in there.

Second Challenge: 

Can I find everything without digging or emptying the contents?Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

 The Amelie Tote has one large side pocket, two medium size pockets, phone pocket, water bottle/bottle holder, key clip, numerous pen holders, and zipped pocket on the back of bag. Everything has a place and everything can be located in seconds with ease.

The bonus with this bag is that it comes with two clear zip bags with hand straps and a matching clutch bag with a hand strap and shoulder strap. This means not only does everything have a place inside the bag you can also organize the little extras you need to pack. Whether you are travel with children that need their sudocrem, calpol, hand santilizing gel tightly sealed or you are using it to travel for yourself and want to put your 100ml liquids in them for a faster security check they are brilliant for both. I even use one my of my bonus zip bags for all our family’s passports. It keeps them secure, together, and safe from any damage.

Third Challenge:

How well will it fare on my stroller and on my shoulder?

Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

Thanks to the black side clasps, I don’t have to worry how I will carry such a fully packed bag around while we are vacationing and on days out. The black clasps easily secure it on each side of my stroller handles and keep it far from dragging on the ground. Saving my back in the process. Weight is far easier to push around on wheels than on my back. Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

 While we are on family days out or traveling somewhere with our kids, I always like to have access to my bag’s contents. If you have children you will know they can turn from happy to tantrum, randomly, at any given time. A bag that can be secure on the bag of the stroller while I am walking but still let me in and out of it, is my idea of a perfect bag. I can whip those Ella Kitchen snacks, a drink from their water bottle, or even my cell phone in seconds to stop whatever is about to turn ugly.

The main reason I want access to my bag at all times is that Buba has deadly allergies and I need a bag that is reliable for this. I need to have all his medicine in one place, at all times and easily accessible – immediately. You can see above the epi pen is right there and ready if I need. No digging, no emptying, no ‘extra’ panic. Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

Whilst I say this bag is great for two, I do use it when I have just one child in tow. It’s a lot lighter with less things to carry so it’s very easy to use the shoulder strap across my body. In Center Parcs we did a lot of one on one with the kids and it was so handy to whip the bag over my shoulder and go for our picnic or hike. Mr P liked it because it wasn’t too girlie or baby-ish either. It was just a bag. Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

I love the style of the Mia Tui bags too. The colors they offer are fantastic and it was very hard to choose from them all. I choose this Steel Blue one but I am glad I did, it goes with everything.

We have used this bag for our trip to Center Parcs and it made it easier for us to carry less and have more on hand at the same time. It’s a great bag for two but it also is great  bag for a plethora of other things too.

Fourth Challenge: 

Is this just a diaper/travel bag or is it much more than that? 

Mia Tui Amelie Tote Diaper Bag Nappy Bag Review Handbag Travel bag

We used our Amelie bag for Buba’s hospital visit. Pack it full of all his favorite things: books, snacks, blankies, extra clothes etc.

If you are about to have a baby it would be a GREAT bag for your hospital stay for you and your new baby.

We also use it as the kids swimming bag.

I use it for my gym bag.

I also use it for my over night stays in London. It’s the perfect overnight bag.

While it’s great for an everyday diaper bag for two, I also use it for the kids carryon or my carryon while traveling.

If you have a work laptop that you have to drag around with you all the time it would be perfect for that too. An iPad would easily fit in the side pocket and you have space to put your lunch, keys, purse, phone, paperwork and anything else work related it in. Other laptop/work bags are plain and boring.

The Mia Tui Amelie Tote passed all my challenges I threw at it and more. I was really impressed with it. After owning more than I can count of diaper bags trying to find that one that would do everything I needed for two small ones and a busy traveling family, I am so happy I finally found it now.

Please trust that these are my honest opinions, my views will never be swayed by pr relations and I agreed to test out the Mia Tui Amelie bag and I couldn’t be happier. Have a peak at my little video to see inside this brilliant bag. You won’t be disappointed either.

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  1. That bag is like a tardis! It’s huge!! I’m always looking for a new change bag that I can use as an everyday bag too and this one looks fantastic x

    • It does seem huge but i dont think its too much to carry on my shoulder. Just food for thought too they do one size smaller if you are looking for an everyday all around bag. I have it its fantastic too.


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