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Interior Room Design Service Giveaway Home Decorating Interior Design
When I first moved into our new house I was two weeks from giving birth to my son, Buba. I not only had two weeks to unpack, and prepare to become a mother for the very first time but I had an empty new house to fill. We sold our old house with everything in it but our bed. It was a new couple that was just starting out and they bought all our furniture, curtains and home accessories along with our house. Designing and decorating a house can be stressful and very time consuming at anytime especially when becoming a parent or for anyone that leads a very busy life.

As parents we are all super busy and sometimes the last thing we have time for is to put together moodboards, and shop around for trendy home accessories to make our home look how we want. I have heard countless times from people that they were rushed to get their house decorated and wish they could have taken the time to think about themes, colors, and accent pieces for each room.

I am one of those very people. I rushed to get our front room designed and decorated, panicking that if my baby came early we wouldn’t have a cozy place for us to be for the first few months until I could finish the house. So I rushed, I did the worse thing you can do when decorating I walked into the nearest furniture shop 9 months pregnant, hormones blazing and pointed at the first couch in the window said that will do, and along with the lamps and rug that were next to it. Not caring at the time what the over all look would be, which in the end wasn’t me. Buba is now 3 years old and I finally redesigned my front room to fit my personality and my tastes.

So if you are a busy person whether its parenting or work or just very busy with life and want to design a room in your home or revamp a room you have thrown together in a rush like I did, a interior design service is a great alternative. It takes the stress and time out of designing a room and in the hands of a professional.
Interior Room Design Service Giveaway Home Decorating Interior Design

From modern living space to corky work space and romantic fresh, master bedrooms, Karolina really knows what works best for each room. She will work with you to get to know your style and what you like most and is sure to put together something luxurious and fitting for you and your home. Interior Room Design Service Giveaway Home Decorating Interior Design GIVEAWAY:

I am very excited to offer one lucky reader the chance to WIN one room design from the lovely Karolina Barnes.

Enter below and you too could have a room of your dreams!

Please note this is a giveaway for the design “service” you will not be given the actual decor suggested by the designer! Open to any country as this service is an online service!

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  1. What a fabulous prize! We rushed when we first moved in. We are just trying to finish our lounge but we would love to do our bedroom which is white. We literally just covered it in fresh white paint. I know what I want in there, it’s just making it a reality is so much harder than I thought!


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