A Mother’s Day Gift Hamper for a New Mum

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A dolls cot filled with items for a new mum.

There is something so very special about your very first Mother’s Day. A title you have never held before but will hold from that day forward, forever. I can remember my very first Mother’s Day like it was yesterday. I remember feeling excited and nervous about being a new mum (mom). I also remember what it was like to receive gifts for myself and new baby for Mother’s Day so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

Gifts For New Mums

Most gifts for a new mum are all about documenting and capturing those precious moments with their baby from the smallest milestones to the biggest milestones. You learn quickly after becoming a parent that those early days go so fast. Your baby soon isn’t a baby anymore and you want to soak up as much of their tiny little fingers and toes and that new baby smell as much as possible. 

A white book with a cartoon zebra on it and "My Record Book" written on the front. A soft pink rabbit is lying on it
A book lying open for you to write in. The page title is "precious memories" and there is a cartoon zebra

Capturing Baby Memories

A record book is a great gift for a new mum to record all those small steps along the way including those actual first steps too. From when baby first rolls over or starts to crawl you will want to write this all down. I have a record book for both my kids and it’s so lovely to read back through them from time to time and recall those precious moments in the early days of their lives. 

Baby milestone cards fanned out in an arch with the box placed in the middle.

Milestone cards are another fab gift idea for a new mum. As soon as you become a parent you all the sudden have this urge if it wasn’t there before to taking photos every few minutes of your precious new baby. Whether you share those on social media or just like to fill your phone with baby spam. Milestone cards help document those photos along the way. 

Lifelong Keepsakes

The one thing I regret not doing with either of my children was getting their hand and foot prints done. I knew there were companies out there that did them but always felt they were super expensive for such a keepsake. Now, they have these amazing Print Canvas Tins where you can do your own cast of your baby’s hand and foot prints and keep them in a beautiful tin for a keepsake. 

A box with baby feet on the front and "Baby Prints On Canvas Gift Box" written on it
A box with "Baby Prints On Canvas Gift Box" written on it, and dolls feet sitting on top

Of course, little gifts that are useful are always a great idea. So many gifts I received as a new mum were cute but I definitely preferred the ones I could use too like Muslin Squares, Baby Bath Wash, and let’s not forget the best gift of all a Changing Station Bag. It’s the one thing I coveted the most when I had my babies. You can’t imagine how dirty it is in public changing areas nor the places you might have to stop and change your baby in one of those “emergencies”. I know you all have been there too, it’s not just me. A changing station bag not only holds all your necessary items together so you don’t have to drag your entire diaper bag off the stroller to the restroom with a bag in your arms but it’s great for short trips out of the house where a whole change bag isn’t necessary. 

A set of Love Boo mummy and baby washes
A Skip Hop changing station with a grey and white chevron print.
A basket with items for a new mum in them

Mother’s Day Hamper

I love the idea of a hamper for Mother’s Day. It is a special treat for the New Mum receiving it and I always like to think outside the box, literally, too. Don’t just put your items in a gift box why not use a basket that they can reuse for baby laundry or in the nursery. Or perhaps put them in a mini doll crib that can double as a nursery accessory until they are old enough to play with it. That’s like a 3-1 gift right there! The ideas are endless but definitely think outside just a box. It makes the gift that much more special. 

Mother’s Day is a lovely time of year to celebrate all the hard work mothers around the world do but Mother’s Day to a New Mum is just that little bit more special. It’s a day they won’t forget ever! 

Muslins, a baby changing station, body wash, baby milstone cards and a stuffed bear all laid out on a white counter next to a pink wall.

Most importantly don’t forget the card! We all known mothers love to keep those Mother’s Day cards for years to come. It’s something they will be adding to the keepsake box, I promise you. I know I have kept all my Mother’s Day cards over the years and every mother remembers getting her very first Mother’s Day card too!


10 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Gift Hamper for a New Mum”

  1. Hi Jenny! Shannon here.
    As a newly expecting first time mom you’re right on the mark with this post. I want it all. I couldn’t agree more with all of the selections you chosen as gifts. I might end up adding a few things from this list to my registry! The record book has to be my favorite and I wish I would have known about these little books in the beginning of my pregnancy. Going to totally save this and most likely buy myself some of these items!

    Such a perfect list for new mums!!
    xx Shannon

    • Oh thanks lovely and huge congratulations. It’s more about documenting those stages, milestones and adorable moments than buying cuddles toys and too many clothes. These beginnings that are so precious go way too fast. It’s great to look back on them and recall your memories over and over again. Glad you liked it.

  2. Such lovely ideas, I think any new mum would be super pleased with any of these. I can’t even remember what I got for my first Mother’s day! I wish they’d had those milestones cards out with mine, I love them and the changing station bag, what a great idea!

  3. This is a great gift basket for a new mum. My suggestion for a new mum gift idea would be to have a framed family photograph which would be something to treasure forever.

    • Oh great suggestion always great to capture those first even the parents becoming parents and your very first family photo ever I have mine framed too.


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