My Family of Five December

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

matching christmas pyjamasThis will probably be the last family roundup I will be posting of “Me & Mine” a project I have done every month for six years. The blogging world is changing fast and readers are reading less and watching more. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean my blog is going anywhere. I love sharing our lives here, I love writing and reading, and I hope you will stick with me for many years to come. But I also am aware not many are interested in our family photos roundups as much as years previous so I know when to move onto the next project or topic on trend.

But to cater to my OCD nature I had to finish out 2019 of My Family of Five December. Sadly we didn’t take any clear good ones either this month. It’s more or less been just enjoying the moments. So apologies I am ended this project with happy but grainy memories. We took a rare trip to Grandma’s for Xmas in America. By rare I don’t mean we never visit Grandma as we practically move in with her every summer but rare for xmas in the snow.

Or that was our plan. We had been telling the kids they would be in four or five feet of snow everyday the entire trip. They would be making snowmen, snow angels, and building igloos and skiing, sledding, and ice skating.

Mother Nature went and made me a liar!

santa steam train east lancashire

There was no snow! At all the entire two weeks except for a flurry one day that lasted about an hour but the kids did get out in it quick. It’s only ever happened twice in my lifetime so it was sort of surreal. Temperatures went up to 45 degrees I can’t believe it, in December. That’s unheard of. We did get to spend some time at a Ski Resort with our friends though and find the snow, after all we did promise the kids.

sandpoint idaho usa

No we weren’t in New York City. For some odd reason the city next to my town has a mini Liberty on the beach. lol Kids wanted their photo with her. Made me laugh but if they want a photo especially hubby I am not going to deny them being happy about it.

Or baby wasn’t in most of these photos as he was having lots of bonding time with Grandma out of the cold as he wasn’t feeling well most of the trip.

christmas baby

My Family of Five December

We made the most of our special time at my mother’s new house. A new chapter she began so recently after my Dad’s passing. I am so grateful we were able to join her for the holidays and make it a good first xmas memory in her new home. She is one amazing woman, I look up to her so much. She truly spoiled my kids rotten. They were so excited. Her house was decked out magically for Xmas. Lapland had nothing on what she did to every room! I kid you not. Those that saw my tour on my instagram stories will agree. She even made all the kids personalized, Christmas quilts and for our bed too. AMAZING! I only wish I could have brought them all home so I could decorate next year with them.

December for us, as it is for most went in a blur of seeing Santa, shopping, packing, preparing for the big day, and traveling. It’s always the busiest month of the year and ends with a bang. We rang in the New Year in bed by 10pm. Yes, we are that rock and roll in our family. We played family games with the kids and Grandma and gently sipped Baileys.

santa steam train east lancashire

My Family of Five December

Don’t ask me why there is a strange elf in our photo? He jumped in it last minute and I thought this is my family photo for the month and you just photo bombed us!!! Even the baby’s face says it all! So funny, the imposter.

It’s now time to organized ourselves, get over jetlag, and get back to a full routine/work/school/sports routine next week. It’s taken us all so long this time to adjust to the few time zone changes we went over.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for following, liking, commenting, supporting, engaging and being super supportive over the last six years of this blog life and I hope you all stick around for what’s to come! 


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  1. I understand things move on, but I love your monthly round ups so I shall miss them! Glad you had such a lovely Christmas in America, though can’t believe there was no snow! That final photo did make me lol


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