Winter Proofing Your Home

Last updated on January 14th, 2020 at 12:18 pm

winter proofing the house with local heroesIt’s time to get winter-proofing your home. Christmas has been and gone and now the winter months lie ahead of us. Long days of cold and possibly snow for some too. The dark evenings still stretch out making you want to retreat under that knitted blanket and light a few candles.

winter proofing the house with local heroes

We are teaming up with Local Heroes to share how we add personal touches to our home decor to make it a cozy escape in winter as well as how Local Heroes can ensure your home is heating properly. Together both will ensure your winter months will be relaxing and calm which everyone needs after the rush and excitement of Christmas.

So how do I prepare my home for the long winter days?

I start off by making sure there are numerous soft, fluffy, knitted blankets in every room. The kids get big throws at the end of their beds, and the sofa arms in the living room and playrooms get covered with various sizes of throws so everyone in the family can grab one and watch a movie together.

winter proofing the house with local heroes

The fireplace is decorated with pine cones and candles and of course is lit. There is something so calming about a fire in winter.

The shelves around the house are still festively decorated with frosted succulents, stars and twigs. I love to decorate with a bit of mother nature from pine cones, conkers, to twigs and branches. You can easily frost a large branch with fake snow and hang above the dining room table, it’s not just for Christmas.

winter proofing the house with local heroes

You may have already put all the Christmas decorations away but that doesn’t mean the house has to go undecorated. I like to decorate in January using glass and white feather and things we collect on our winter walks outside. We fill our summer glass lanterns with white feather boas and white twinkly lights.

winter proofing the house with local heroes

While it’s fun to get your home decorated cozy for winter it’s important to take some steps to winter proofing the house too.

Think of things like moving the sofa away from the radiators so the heat can circulate better especially if you have a small room.

There are simple things that can help you throughout the winter like opening and closing the curtains. I know, so simple! Open them during the day to soak up that free heat from sun light through the window. Close them to lock in that free heat you scored during the day. Most people don’t even think about this during the winter.

Our house is always full of family and friends visiting to help pass those cold days and beat those holiday blues together. We love entertaining and hosting dinners so we have to make sure our boiler is up to the job. Another great way to winter proof your home is ensure your boiler is working properly. Local Heroes are experts in boilers and know what it takes to heat a home and be able to rely on your boiler. They have a worry free boiler finance option for less than £24.00 a month.  Do check out their amazing house warmer guide on their site here.

Go on, light those candles, crawl under those cozy knitted blankets, grab a book and enjoy your cold winter days in comfort and ensure your family home is heated properly.

How do you go about winter proofing your home? Do you create a Hygge setting to relax at home?

winter proofing the house with local heroes

*This post is in conjunction with Local Heroes but all thoughts are my own. 


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