Neighbourhood Restaurant in Manchester Review

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 03:56 pm

Neighborhood Restaurant in Manchester

Neighbourhood Restaurant in Manchester, UK

I was planning my best friend and her lovely twin sister’s birthday luncheon when I came across Neighbourhood Restaurant on a list of top restaurants in Manchester. It’s a charming city restaurant decorated with over-sized navy booths and glass round tables. The bar features white distressed brick and window panels show casing various liquors. The lights behind the bar were surely, strategically placed, giving off a warm cozy ambiance.

What better way to catch up with friends than in a posh restaurant in Spinningfields which is a quaint area of Manchester that includes designer stores, top restaurants, and welcoming cafes. I was new to Spinningfields area and it surprised me how many other restaurants were side by side. It was tempting as we walked along not to say let’s just go in here. I stuck to my first choice and very pleased I did.

We were greeted with a lovely smile from the hostess and ushered to our choice of table within seconds. We chose one of the oversize booths near the window so we could “people watch” while we enjoyed our lunch, something the three of us love to do.

Our waiter admitted he was new to the place but highly recommended a few drinks for us. I chose the Pomegranate Martini which comes with a mini shot of Prosecco.  It was fantastic, wait no, after a busy morning with my two sugar lumps it was heavenly bliss.  Although I will be the first to admit and so will my husband from his own experience in the past we thought we were supposed to pour the shot into the drink. Ever since then when I order a Pomegranate Martini this is what I do.

Neighborhood Restaurant in Manchester

The drinks went down smoothly and were quickly accompanied by the arrival of our lunch. The three of us usually have similar taste and opted for the pick and mix slider bar. I chose one mini Wagyu Burger, one mini Turkey Burger, and the Meatball & Tomato Ragu Sandwich.

Neighborhood Restaurant in Manchester Review

My favorite of the three was definitely the Meatball & Tomato Ragu Sandwich. I thought it was juicy, full of flavor, and just the right mix of spices. I am not a huge fan of ketchup or mayo so the tomato ragu gave it that great sauce addition so it wasn’t just meat and bread. The mini Wagyu Burger was my second favorite. It had a strong wild game (wild meat) taste to its grilled patty. I was raised on wild game such as bear, deer, and moose, so this brought back great memories of growing up. The third and final was the mini Turkey burger which was still OK, and I usually am fond of turkey burger but it was smothered in so much cheese that it took away from the taste of the burger. All three were served on a nice grilled mini white bun and paired with a dish of fries.

Overall I thought the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness of the staff, and the service was grade A. The food quality and taste was definitely above that, A+. Who would have thought burgers and fries could be so sophisticated. The price was a bit steep for burgers and fries even if they were fancy but looking at the other dishes on the menu it seems to be in line with other top Manchester restaurants I have been to. I would definitely recommend it for couples or ladies luncheons and go back again myself. However, having two kiddies myself I wouldn’t recommend it for a family dining experience.

Thank you, Neighbourhood Restaurant for a tasty luncheon with my two wonderful girlfriends. Happy Birthday S & C!

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  1. Me and my husband went to Neighbourhood for my birthday in November. The barman was brilliant and asked us both what we liked in a cocktail and then made one up for each of us. Mine was like lemon cheesecake in a glass, it was amazing!
    And the lobster taco starter was gorgeous, and I’m generally not a lobster fan. Definitely need to organise a girlie lunch there sometime xx

    • That’s awesome, it’s a great place. Yes, I am definitely up for that, girlie lunch always is a bonus. 😉 A bloggers lunch!!! I am not a lobster lover but that sounds delicious.


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