New family adventures on the horizon

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:23 am

We have been really grateful to travel so much this year before B starts school and spend so much time with close friends and family over the summer. It’s hard to think next year will be so different for us in terms of time off to travel with the kids as we will then be restricted to term time. But I don’t want this to keep us from having amazing family adventures together, near where we live, just as often. 

Our next purchase for the family will be new bikes for us all and a bike trailer for MM to ride in. We long to take the kids on outdoor adventures with our bikes all over the UK not just in our local area. We can do this on a nice weekend together any time of year.

I also want to do more weekend trips away in the UK and explore the country my kids were born in instead of always traveling abroad as we won’t have time for this as much anymore in school holidays. I think too often we don’t really know how many fun family adventures we can have right in the country we live in. There is so much we haven’t seen or done in the UK yet with our two kids and even though my husband grew up there, neither has he. 

With all these new family adventures on the horizon for us we are thinking we need an ideal family car. One that will stand the road test as much as it will the child test. We no longer have to worry as much about infant car seats fitting and strollers but how we will fit all our camping gear in or bikes on the back of it. Maybe haul a canoe on top or luggage for our trips to Centre Parcs. Up until now we have always leased our cars but when we start to look for our next purchase we will be getting our family car financed this time and it will have all these future family adventures in mind. 

7 must haves for an ideal family car travel  adventures


– Spacious trunks to store our traveling essentials.

– Comfortable seats for long haul road trips.

– Navigation system to get us to our adventures the best possible route.

– Rooftop luggage rack.

– Good deal on car finance, you can see TSB car finance guide here.

– Bike rack on the back to bring our new bikes wherever the road takes us.

– Good on gas mileage for our family adventures to stay always within our budget.

I hope that in the next few years we really get outdoors more and explore the country we live in and get to know the UK better so my kids can have as many childhood memories of traveling in the UK as much as they do in the USA. Being from both countries it’s really important to us that they have a balance between both cultures and sides of the world as they are so very different. 

What is your ideal family car? Do you travel the UK with your kids a lot would love to get some more ideas for weekend getaways with the kids and fun family adventures to try out. Please leave comment below or tweet me your adventure ideas. 

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5 thoughts on “New family adventures on the horizon”

  1. If you haven’t already, I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to Broadstairs in kent. I just wrote a blog about it, and it’s my favourite place in the UK…maybe even world lol?! We invested in a quash quai #standardfamilywagon after our first, and that’s served us pretty well with the second coming along. Lots of room in the boot once that sodding travel system goes! Good luck on your adventures x MMT

  2. I’m certainly looking forward to going on some family adventures when baby is older. I hope he doesn’t hate road trips as much as he does now… heh. Great list of good-to-haves for a family car!

  3. Completely agree with you Jenny on needing a car that meets your needs. I love my Sante Fe, it’s got so much space we can fit in everything we need for the whole family, perfect for day trips – although we’ve driven it to Spain too!


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