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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm

Now that I am a mom and it’s been over three years since I wore anything in my closet, I find a lot of it isn’t me anymore. My style has changed with age and motherhood as well as the trends on the high street.

I have been looking through it trying to revamp my style, use what I have but also see what I need to invest in next. My flared jeans can be put on eBay immediately, I can count those out for sure. My tight, short body-con dresses, yes, you can go to, I won’t miss you.  Then there are the clothes I stretched, ruined, and wore to death while I was pregnant thinking I didn’t need maternity clothes. I could squeeze into what I already owned because it was only for nine months – twice. Not a good choice. Fine while I was pregnant, not so fine when I went to wear my favorite tunic and I realized the imprint of my pregnant belly was permanent.

So I am on a mission to find my new mommy style. One that is still trendy and fabulous but practical and affordable. A little less heels and a lot more flats. (don’t worry I only said a little less heels).

A few things I have my eye on…

– Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer from Warehouse. I think blazers are a great yummy mummy look. I can throw them over dresses, sweaters, tank-tops and blouses. This blue is electric and will go with so many other colors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 20.36.05

-Cream Knitted Jumper from H&M for only £14.99 I love a good knitted sweater. Especially for weekend wear when you want to chill out with the family.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 20.37.23

– Flats from Next with bling. Even though I may be wearing more flats these days as I pack that heavy carseat around while balancing my toddler and diapers bags, doesn’t mean they can’t be just as loud and glittery as my heels used to be.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 20.42.35

A few things I have recently purchased…

– Michael Kors handbag in light grey. I love anything grey. This one was actually one I used my birthday money on because it was a more expensive item but I got it in the sales at Cheshire Oaks on Boxing Day so it was a HUGE bargain. ( I wouldn’t spend full price for a handbag – has to be a bargain). 


– Lily White Slit Maxi Skirt from Nordstroms, it was only £5.50. I wore it almost my entire vacation in Lanzarote. Perfect for putting over my swimsuit. I also wear it with sweaters and knee high boots. It’s so versatile and comfortable.


-Pointelle Yoke Mid Sleeve Jumper from Warehouse. Although I grabbed it in the sale at the Warehouse Outlet Store for £10 instead of the £38 it is in the shop.

photo 2

-Carly Aztec Cardigan Black & White from Boohoo.com I was lucky enough that Mr P won a gift certificate for £100 at boohoo.com for a benefit he went to. This was one of the many items I selected. It’s so warm and cozy for these chilly days upon us.

photo 1

-MAC eye shadow. I found myself at the counters of MAC looking through all their pastel colors attempting to find one I could wear everyday for a casual mommy look. I came home with Gleam and Honesty, they are great colors I can mix with darker ones for a night look.

photo 1

I am hoping that throughout the year, I can evolve into my new look with ease on the pocket book and come out with a style that still both fabulous and practical.

Has your style changed since becoming a mom? Have you turned a milestone age, like me, 30 and think you can’t pull off a certain style anymore? I would love to hear your comments below.



4 thoughts on “A new mom wardrobe”

  1. Jenny if I had a quarter of your style I’d be way more stylish than I am now! You look fab in everything, but loved looking through these choices! ***runs off to buy new mac eyeshadow***

    • Thank you that’s so very kind of you to say. Yes do I am in love with the eye shadow already! I don’t know much about style I once got told my style was very GAPish even though I don’t own anything from the gap. Lol Not that I wouldn’t because I buy my kids gap all the time but adult clothes are very wide fitted and tall for my short stumpiness.

  2. The biggest thing I have noticed with shopping after becoming a mommy is that many items seem too revealing. I have had a hard time striking a balance between keeping it age appropriate but still modest enough to be appropriately mommy. It seems as though everything I find is either too young (early 20s), or too matronly.

    • I agree 100% there is very little in between revealing and grandma! Lol it’s very frustrating isn’t it? Maybe we should open up a trendy store called mother appropriate and cater for ourselves. Lol


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